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Review 2022 & Outlook 2023

Time is moving very fast now. We are all part of the ancient mission to bring the true divine knowledge to the world.

Thousands of years back, they wrote clear information with authentic proof. That same information is being passed on to you. It’s an ancient knowledge; it’s not today’s knowledge. Thousands of years back, they researched and implemented it.

We really can create great amazing success. We can do a lot of amazing wonders on the planet. It’s a kind of new science. The science of the soul.

Sri Kaleshwar


A very big THANK YOU – This is what we want to say to all at the end of this year.

Swami liked to illustrate the inner state of Sthita Pragnya with meditation in a fish market. It’s loud and bustling around you — everything is in action and moving — and you sit still in the midst of it all, with yourself, drinking the divine nectar of cosmic energy, straight from the source.

The current situation in the world feels a bit like a fish market — many loud voices are vying for our attention, trying to scare us, or simply distracting us. The fulfillment of our deepest longing can be found nowhere else than within ourselves. We are becoming more and more aware of how wisely and with foresight Swami worked and prepared his students for this time. He has given us such a great gift by bequeathing to us a treasure trove of tools to help us in our inner work, and to bring about real success — in the sense that anyone who walks the path upright will also attain their own spiritual goal.

We are grateful to see more and more souls awaken to their true nature. We enjoy the beauty of the KALESHWARA YOGA community, and that we may be companions to each other in spiritual practice. It is a joy to guide, and to journey with one another, on the particular path which Swami has shown us – and to keep that path pure in its transmission. We feel grateful for all of the other spiritual traditions who focus their work on the development of the soul, as we do in our tradition. There is a noticeable collective global awakening underway, and it is touching to see that more and more people are embarking on the spiritual path – no matter which practice they choose for themselves.

Teamwork makes the dream work. In particular, we want to express the GRATITUDE which we feel in our hearts. It touches us deeply to see that Swami’s vision of us working together in unity is becoming a reality. We feel great appreciation for all those who, side by side with us, actively take responsibility for the continuation of Sri Kaleshwar’s humanitarian and spiritual work, even under adverse circumstances. The work is expanding in many areas, and the circle of those who are involved is growing steadily. So many things have become possible thanks to the great initiative of individuals and thanks to self-organization. We believe that the field shows what is needed and we try to follow the energy — the Divine Mother — as Swami showed us, and we all always do our best. It’s a pleasure to see how things seem to come together almost ‘magically’. We are heartily grateful to all the people who stand with us in this field and invest their precious time and energy in this mission. You give us the feeling that we are not alone with this great task. We thank you.

Also, on behalf of the entire team, we would like to say THANK YOU for all the financial support given to the many KALESHWARA YOGA projects and activities in the past year. Every cent helps to share the ancient spiritual knowledge taught by Sri Kaleshwar with as many people as possible, and in more and more languages. As a team we aim to preserve the information from the palm leaf books in their purity and – what is most essential – that the energy comes alive in many people. It is a great effort on many levels, and often requires sacrifices from those who take on this task full-time. We would therefore like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts if you have contributed, enabling us to do this work thanks to your donation, by contributing via course fees or also by shopping in the Dharma Shop.

Not only Jesus Christ, Shirdi Baba, Buddha, (Ramakrishna) Paramahamsa, (Paramahansa) Yogananda, Vivekananda, but your life needs to be a symbol to your neighbors, to your country, to the globe. There are only thirty, forty, fifty, sixty, one hundred like them. Why can’t it be thousands? That’s your Swami’s mission.

Sri Kaleshwar

Continuing this mission with all the many projects and activities is only possible with financial support.

OUR PLEA. KALESHWARA YOGA needs financial support. If you are able to donate something, we would like to ask you from the bottom of our hearts.

We are aware that the topic of money is a sensitive one, especially in times like these. If you are one of those people who currently do not have sufficient funds at their disposal to cover the increased cost of living, you will not be able to donate anything – that is clear to us. We address our request to those who want it and can. You can certainly imagine that it is a very intense time for us, too. We have been saving in the personal sphere for the last ten years since Sri Kaleshwar’s Mahasamadhi, wherever possible, so that all the means of continuing the work are available.

Bringing KALESHWARA YOGA to the world is extensive and costly: the livelihood of those who devote themselves to the work full-time must be secured. There are rental and energy costs for the individual locations. The running expenses for Baba’s Table must be covered as well as costs for audio/video technology, digitization, maintenance of a company car, accommodation and travel costs for our event team. Administration, accounting, tax and legal advice, insurance… All this has to be funded.

And despite all the financial pressure, we at KALESHWARA YOGA would like to make it possible for everyone – even those who have little money to live on – to participate in courses also in the future.

So next year we will only be able to finance the important projects if — in addition to the income from courses and the Dharma Shop, which cover most of the costs — as many people as possible make a one-off donation at the end of the year. In addition, we are looking for more Dharma Angels who are willing to support the Dharma regularly over the next year with a monthly donation of 18€ / 36€ / 54€ / 108€ or more. Can you be one of them?

Your support means a lot to us! We will continue the dharma in 2023 with all our love, time and energy. We would like to thank everyone who is already involved and ask those who have not yet decided to provide financial support to consider whether they can do so now – once or regularly. A big THANK YOU!

Thank you for your contribution!

PS: Attached you will find an overview of the ongoing initiatives, activities and curriculum in 2022 as well as the outlook for 2023.


Create happiness around you. Happiness will be created in you. Don’t hurt anybody. Help ever, hurt never. We are one. All the countries are one. There are no religions at all. There is only one religion. The name of the religion is love. We don’t want war. We need peace. Try to take care of the poor. Try to take care of the needy people. If you can help them, it makes your life more valuable. You’re in the good spark.

Moreover, I’m trying my maximum best to create centers global-wide and to bring up amazing energy and capabilities in each soul. All the senior students, please help. Help humanity. If you’re not helping humanity, you’re not eligible to get enlightenment.

Sri Kaleshwar

Review 2022

Union always brings a lot of success. That’s my personal experience. When the unity falls down, it’s pretty heavy. If ten horses are pulling a chariot, or one horse is pulling a chariot, there’s a difference, isn’t it? It’s a lot of weight. Once, if you are linked with a group, it’s always easier to know where the blocks are, what to do with this, what to do with that.

Unity always makes more strength. It’s like a beautiful thread. One small thread is joining with several threads to make a strong thread.

Sri Kaleshwar

By combining forces, even in the face of global crises, a lot was nevertheless achieved in 2022:


It is everyone’s duty to become a soul of satya, dharma, shanti, prema. Choose one and focus on that. Once I am bringing the light, carry the light to the globe. Bring a lot of light in you, then light a lot of candles on the globe. That’s my wish.

Sri Kaleshwar

The term “Soul University” was brought up by Sri Kaleshwar. That’s what he called the spiritual school he founded for long-term students in his ashram in Penukonda, India, which he maintained during his lifetime. All year round, spiritual students had the opportunity to learn from Sri Kaleshwar himself, as well as from experienced teachers whom he personally trained, in order to carry out spiritual practices and to allow for energy experiences – so that people could receive comprehensive training.

“Soul University” is a university for the soul. It encompasses far more than intellectual engagement with spiritual knowledge. The processes you will be initiated into at the Soul University will awaken your soul and charge it with shakti, cosmic energy. The soul’s natural healing abilities will be awakened, and you will discover your true identity. Your soul is empowered to fulfill its Dharma – the reason why it incarnated here on earth.

In this spirit, Sri Kaleshwar commissioned us to establish the framework for a Soul University in Europe. The curriculum of the KALESHWARA YOGA SOUL UNIVERSITY has been developed and implemented since 2012. The circle of Kaleshwara Yoga teachers work together as a team, with the aim of giving every practitioner the best possible support. We combine our experiences, expertise and talents to ensure that the curriculum is professional and comprehensive. The “meeting points” in our courses, the regular fire pujas and bhajan singing events are our “campus” where souls meet and grow together.

In the past year, we particularly enjoyed being able to get together with you in person instead of virtually, and to practice together. Many new process groups have been formed and many people have successfully mastered their sadhana (spiritual practice).

You should be a candle; keep burning and give the light to somebody. Be a candle. If you are a candle, I’m the flame. If I’m the flame, you are a candle. I’ll be with you for lifetimes until you receive and reach your achievement.

Sri Kaleshwar

Seminars, Retreats & Initiations


  • “Night of Silence and Blessings” Shivaratri Mini Retreat with Tatyanna in DE-Einhausen
  • “Guru Purnima” Mini Retreat with Tatyanna in DE-Einhausen
  • “Soul Healing” Retreat with Tatyanna at the Schweibenalp in CH-Brienz
  • ”Kala Chakra” 9-Month Intensive
    • with Tatyanna in DE-Einhausen and in CZ-Brno
  • ”Womb-Chakra” 7-Month Intensive
    • with Tatyanna in the Garden of the Soul in AT-Neusiedel
    • with Jenniver in DE-Schlat
    • with Helen in RU-Kaliningrad
    • ONLINE with Hana in Czech
  • “5 Elements Intensive” One-Year-Program
    • with Jenniver in DE-Ostfildern & online
    • with Helen in DE-Alerheim and online in Russian
    • with Hana (CZ) Online
    • with Gieta in single accompaniment


  • “Kaleshwar Mantra Meditation” Introductory Courses
    • with Hana in CZ-Brno & online
    • with Gieta Online
    • with Jenniver in DE-Einhausen & online
  • “Detox for the Soul” Introductory course
    • with Gieta online
    • with Jenniver online
    • with Hana in CZ-Brno & online
    • with Kathrin Lakshmi & Andreas Hanuman in CH-Altstätten
    • with Tanja in AT-Altach
  • “Free Bird” One-Day-Workshop
    • with Jenniver in DE-Alerheim, DE-Schlat & online (German)
    • with Helen Online in Russian
  • “Shiva’s Angels” One-Day-Program & Online Course
    • with Gieta in DE-Einhausen & online
  • “Maha Lakshmi’s Blessings” One-Day-Program & Online Course
    • with Gieta in DE-Einhausen, CZ-Brno & online
  • “Heal Your Heart” One-Day-Program & Online Course
    • with Gieta in DE-Einhausen & online
    • with Hana (CZ) Online
  • “Back to the Light” One-Day-Workshop
    • with Jenniver in DE-Alerheim & online
  • “Surya Nadi” Initiation
    • with Jenniver online
  • Chandra Nadi Initiation
    • with Jenniver online
  • “Initiation: Nine Arrows, Maha Kali, Shakti Gayatri” Mantra Classes
    • with Jenniver in DE-Alerheim & online
    • with Hana in CZ-Brno & online
  • “Shiva/Shakti – Happy Intimate Relationships” Weekend Program & Online Course
    • with Gieta and Petar in DE-Einhausen & online
  • “Soul Object” Intensive
    • with Tatyanna on the Schweibenalp, CH-Brienz
    • with Hana in CZ-Brno
  • “When a Fire Becomes Sacred” Pujari Training
    • with Jenniver in DE-Schlat, DE-Alerheim, CH-Altstätten
  • “Jesus Christ Yantra” Modules I + II – Weekend-Program
    • with Gieta in DE-Einhausen
  • “Sri Chakra” Modules I + II – Weekend-Program
    • with Jenniver in DE-Alerheim
  • “Power Objects” Weekend Program & Online Course
    • with Gieta in DE-Einhausen & online
  • “Kaleshwara Vaastu” Introductory Course
    • with Gieta in DE-Einhausen
  • ”Kaleshwara Vaastu Architectural Training” Individual Training
    • with Tobias in DE-Einhausen
  • “Kaleshwar Bhajans” Concerts & Workshops
    • with Barbara in DE-Alerheim

As well as individual spiritual support in individual coaching.

Online Meditation Programs

  • Shivaratri Intensive: GANGADHĀRA — Trusting the Divine Flow of Life (German, Czech, Russian)
  • Easter Intensive: Kriya Shakti — Acting in Harmony with Mother Nature (German, Czech)
  • Guru Purnima Intensive: Divine Calling — Following the Call of Your Soul (German, Czech)
  • Navaratri Intensive: Prema Sai — Walking the Way of the Heart (German, Czech, Russian)
  • Christmas Intensive: Soul (R)evolution — Heal Old Wounds & Be Free Emotionally (German, Czech)

In the past year, scholarships in the form of reductions or remission of course fees/Dakshina in the amount of more than €20,000 have been awarded to single parents, students and the unemployed. This is only possible thanks to the wider community. A heartfelt THANK YOU!


Since there was still a lot of uncertainty regarding long-distance travel to India in 2022, we did not organize a group trip. We are planning our next pilgrimage to India in November 2023 and Kumbh Mela 2025.


If I open my door, giving the blessings and interviews every day, thousands of people will be here singing bhajans in a devotional way. But, I am seriously focused to prepare the powerful masters in the world, who will know and spread the ancient knowledge, the formulas and the bijaksharas.

– Sri Kaleshwar

Sri Kaleshwar
Sri Kaleshwar’s Statements for European Dharma
Sri Kaleshwar’s Statements for European Dharma

Sri Kaleshwar gave us the assignment to train teachers and healers. It was his wish that we all work together under one roof.

He wanted to ensure that people in search of authentic knowledge find a platform through which his teachings are taught by well-trained teachers, in its pure form. The attached PDF summarizes Sri Kaleshwar’s statements and wishes regarding the official representation of his mission in Europe.

Fulfilling this Dharma is our promise – to our Master and to ourselves.

Teacher Circle

On Guru Purnima 2022, 9 Kaleshwara Yoga teachers received their certificate after four years of intensive training and further education to teach at the KALESHWARA YOGA SOUL UNIVERSITY. Connected to the larger circle of teachers, regular training sessions (exercises, deepening of knowledge, tests, job shadowing) continue to take place. A new training group will start in 2023.

Study and teaching materials

The study and teaching materials are compiled by topic from the original talks (transcriptions) of Sri Kaleshwar, and are then carefully translated into different languages. This is a time-consuming, but rewarding, sustainable and future-oriented task. Many practitioners and students are benefiting from this “pioneering work”, now and in the future.

In 2022 the following new courses are part of the KALESHWARA YOGA SOUL UNIVERSITY curriculum which have been developed or revised, and from which associated teaching materials were created:

  • FREE BIRD — Recognizing & Resolving Inner Blocks – Course Development
  • Pujari Training – Course development for online format
  • Holy Womb Online Course – Course development for online format
  • Kala Chakra – Revision of course materials
  • Mahapanchabhutas – Study material
  • Various mantra sheets – study material for one-on-one guidance

In the Divine Court, we’re only simple characters to play the drama. Once your drama is finished, we need to be out and different characters need to take care of that. I always keep saying, “I don’t want to be a monarch. Next. Take it. Keep running the mission: satya, dharma, shanti, prema.”

Sri Kaleshwar


  • Revision of the Czech translation of the book “Shirdi Sai Baba’s Ways to Healing (Five Element Process)” – released as an ebook
  • Revision of the English eBook “Holy Womb — Secrets of the Divine Mother’s Creation”
  • First draft of a German translation of the book “Ancient Knowledge — Ancient Mission” – publication planned after careful revision.
  • FREE BIRD — Recognizing & Resolving Inner Blocks – study material in German & Russian
  • Mahapanchabhutas — The Inner Elements – study material in German & Russian
  • Pujari Training Online – study material in English
  • Kala Chakra Intensive – study material in Czech
  • Detox for the Soul – study material in Russian
  • Kaleshwar Mantra Meditation – study material in Russian
  • Holy Womb Online Course – study material in English & Russian
  • Personal Mantra – study material in Russian
  • Five Element Process – study material in Russian


  • Regular LIVE Bhajan evenings in DE-Einhausen, DE-Alerheim, DE-Lauingen, DE-Kassel, DE-Neubrandenburg, DE-Rumpshagen, CH-Bern — dates see HERE
  • Regular LIVE online bhajan evenings — see dates HERE
  • Free Kaleshwar Bhajan Live Recordings on Bandcamp HERE


Kaleshwara Vaastu

  • Basic Vaastu Principles Course with Gieta
  • Kaleshwara Vaastu Architect Apprenticeship with Tobias (Architects and Urban Planners)
  • Vaastu Consultation and Construction Supervision in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, France, Czech Republic, Portugal, Spain, USA and Canada


Spiritual Coaching & Healing Sessions

KALESHWARA YOGA operates practice rooms for counseling & Sai Shakti Healing at the following locations:



  • Kaleshwar Jayanti — Evening-Program in DE-Einhausen and in CZ-Brno
  • Shivaratri — One-Day-Program in DE-Einhausen and in CZ-Brno
  • Mother’s Day — Special Firepuja in DE-Einhausen & via remote participation
  • Guru Purnima — One-Day-Program in DE-Einhausen
  • Guru Purnima — One-Day-Program in CZ-Brno
  • Rakhi Purnima (Full Moon of Friendship) — in AT-Neusiedl & via remote participation
  • Ganesh Chaturti — Special Firepuja in DE-Einhausen, DE-Alerheim, CZ-Bukovec & by remote participation
  • Navaratri — 11 Firepujas during Mother Divine Festival in DE-Einhausen, CZ-Brno and in RU-Kaliningrad
  • Shirdi Sai Baba’s Samadhi Day (Vijayadashami) — Special Pujas in DE-Einhausen, RU-Kaliningrad and in CZ-Brno
  • Diwali — The Festival of Light in DE-Einhausen, DE-Alerheim and CZ-Brno & via remote participation
  • Kartika Purnima — in DE-Einhausen, DE-Alerheim, CZ-Brno & via remote participation

Photos of the events can be found on the Kaleshwar Europe Facebook Fanpage HERE

Community OM-line :-)

In 2020 (the first Covid lockdown phase), a circle of practitioners came together in the “Soul Protection Meditation Group”. The group continues to practice until today. The free online offer includes:

  • Daily Mantra Meditation for Protection Circles and Inner Peace
  • Spiritual Practices such as Arathi, Abishek
  • Regular LIVE Bhajans Online via Zoom Call
  • Story-Telling-Evening – Inspiring Exchange of Experiences with Sri Kaleshwar and Sacred Knowledge.

For all participants of the Soul Protection Meditation Group, an online database with various contributions (meditation instructions, videos, pictures…) is available for the practice at home.



Together for Peace – Fire Pujas & more…

  • More than 50 Fire Pujas in Einhausen
  • More than 200 Full & New Moon Fire Pujas for Peace & Healing in the Kaleshwar Centers and Pujari Circle HERE

Sri Chakra Healing Circle

The Sri Chakra Healing Circle HERE for the new and full moons has been well received. The offering is free, and the circle works on a voluntary basis:

  • 17 Volunteer Healers are involved in the Circle
  • Numerous Healing Seekers turn to the Healing Circle



  • Over 9000 meals for the needy in CZ-Brno and CZ-Vlhká
  • Rescue (collection) of over 9 tons of food for Baba’s table in CZ-Brno
  • Monthly cooking or sandwich seva for the needy in DE-Bensheim (during the lockdowns we were not allowed to cook in homeless facilities in Germany and so we distributed sandwich packages)
  • Winter packages Christmas campaign for the homeless in CZ-Brno and DE-Einhausen
  • Relief goods worth over €3,000 for the Ukraine in DE-Alerheim (in cooperation with “Refugees help e.V.” in Munich
  • Further actions by the Kaleshwar groups such as singing in nursing homes, in coma wards, cooking for the needy, etc.

Kaleshwara Yoga Centers & Regional Groups

Kaleshwara Yoga Center Einhausen, Germany

In 64683 Einhausen we maintain a Puja garden and Swami’s house at Neuroeder Weg 61. On an area of 90 square meters there is the Kaleshwara Yoga Center Einhausen with meditation room, Healing Room and Office + shipping point of the Dharma Shop. We call the house “Swami’s House” because Sri Kaleshwar visited and stayed here several times.

  • Further development & maintenance Kaleshwara Yoga Center Einhausen with Puja garden and Swami’s house, Germany
  • Extended renovation of the temple and healing room with new carpeting and seating area in the waiting and break area in 2022
  • Installation of a life-size Baba-Murti — Prema Sai: This was the highlight of 2022! A life size statue of Baba was donated. The construction of a temple for Baba is now in progress. More information about Prema Sai and the project HERE
  • Soul University Courses & Satsang
  • Monthly New and Full Moon Fire Pujas for peace and healing
  • Regular bhajan evenings HERE
  • Regular meditation evenings with Abishek HERE
  • Charities: monthly Baba’s Table for 50 homeless people in Bensheim. If the donations are sufficient, we want to cook for the people twice a month from 2023.

Kaleshwara Yoga Center Alerheim, Germany

There has been a room for smaller courses and healing treatments and a larger seminar room in 86733 Alerheim since August 2021.

  • Development & Maintenance Kaleshwara Yoga Center Alerheim with Sai Shakti Healing Room, Seminar Room & Dhuni
  • Alerheim seminar room: Renovation planned for 2023
  • New puja spot with its own dhuni for monthly new and full moon fire pujas for peace and healing
  • Soul University Courses & Satsang
  • Regular bhajan evenings HERE
  • Monthly meditation & healing evening
  • Charities: Ukraine help in cooperation with “Refugees help e.V.” in Munich & Sandwich-Seva in Augsburg over the winter

Kaleshwara Yoga Center & Shirdi Baba Temple in Brno, Czech Republic

  • Development & Maintenance City Center Brno, Czech Republic
  • New puja spot with its own dhuni for monthly new and full moon fire pujas for peace and healing
  • Soul University Courses & Satsang
  • Regular Abishek Meditation
  • Charities: Weekly Baba’s Table for over 160 homeless people

Shirdi Baba Temple Altstaetten, Switzerland

  • Installation of a Baba-Murti: A medium-sized Baba statue was donated to the Kaleshwara Yoga Community in Switzerland and has found its home in the Reinli Therapy Center!
  • Monthly New and Full Moon Fire Pujas for peace and healing
  • Soul University Courses & Satsang
  • Soul time: Time out in the nature of the Swiss mountains

Kaleshwar Group Neubrandenburg, Germany

  • Monthly New and Full Moon Fire Pujas for peace and healing
  • Guru Purnima: Community Celebration in Nature & Fire Puja
  • Charities: Bhajans in hospice and coma ward, Christmas charity events

Preview 2023

Through the practice of KALESHWARA YOGA the consciousness expands, the heart heals and life becomes beautiful. This is our own experience, and we observe this in the many Kaleshwara yoginis and yogis that we have been able to get to know and accompany over the years. For us, a vision becomes reality. It is possible to bring a new consciousness to Earth, embodied in people who are clearly connected to Divine Source and radiate energy and love.

Our focus in 2023 will therefore also be on creating sacred spaces in which knowledge can be received and practiced. We will take the next steps in developing the KALESHWARA YOGA SOUL UNIVERSITY curriculum and working to make this practice known to the world. We will also continually put energy and time into the various translation projects, trying to live up to Sri Kaleshwar’s high standards.

The mission in Europe is very much alive. We are aware that it is our life’s work to carry it out, and that it will not be completed even once we pass the baton — such is Sri Kaleshwar’s legacy. Only together can we master this immense task. With the blessing of our divine lineage, it will succeed. We are very grateful for every active contribution to participate in this great work.

On behalf of the entire team, we would like to thank all participants in the courses and all supporters — whether through donations or time — from the bottom of our hearts. THANK YOU for your trust. It means a lot to us.

Tatyanna and Tobias for the whole team

See You in 2023


Dharma is a beautiful surrender. Once you know your dharma, once you have made a commitment, it’s like a marriage. It’s forever and ever, from soul to soul, from the master to the student, the Guru Parampara. You can’t escape. Even if you want to run away, how far can you run? Where can you run? You can’t run anywhere. Even if I don’t want to do this job, until I finish my job, I have to do it. Many times, I told my students, I want to leave everything behind and go to the riverside somewhere, to a very isolated place, where nobody can recognize me. But, I don’t believe Baba will leave me alone, even there.

I don’t care about my life, my body or my soul. I’m for the globe in this Kali Yuga, for this planet. I came to work for the Guru Parampara, to give the Datta energy. My selfishness is your happiness. That’s all I want.

Sri Kaleshwar