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Review 2021 & Outlook 2022

Come – dig for the nectar of the reality of the Peace that you are carrying inside of you. From your birth until to now so far, you never ever experienced that, the top Peace. Today my message is, Peace is a weapon. Try to develop Peace in your life, it’s the most important thing. Developing Peace in your heart, is not a joke. But once if you develop that, it’s an unbelievable nectar. 

Sri Kaleshwar


It’s high time again to say a big THANK YOU.

Another year has passed. We like to use this time to pause and reflect. Every time we do this, we feel deep gratitude in our hearts for our spiritual community – for all of us who walk this path together. The more we see the things that are happening in the world, the more it becomes clear to us that Sri Kaleshwar has prepared us all precisely for this time. All the knowledge about how people can reconnect with their true divine selves and find inner peace; How to live from the heart; How to find the strength to answer hate with love; Sri Kaleshwar’s training in how to transform negativity.

We are so grateful for all of this.

We are grateful to be able to witness more and more souls awakening to their true nature and standing strong in their truth. Each of us has the potential to stand in our own integrity and to take responsibility for our own lives. And at the same time, we experience the power of “Unity” – the power that can be unleashed when we stand together as free souls – for the universal values of humanity.

We unite our soul lights into one great Light. Times of darkness are the breeding grounds of enlightenment. Let us seize this time of the great transformation on the planet as precisely this chance: the chance to recognize our divine source, and create through our heart and soul energies.

When you have huge Peace in your life, automatically in that Peace you can create alot of good qualities. For love, intelligence, your greatness – all only comes through your Peace. 

Sri Kaleshwar

A special big THANK YOU to all of the people who take active responsibility for the continuation of Sri Kaleshwar’s humanitarian and spiritual work, even under adverse circumstances. It is a pleasure for all of us to work together in different teams, and to offer a rich table of spiritual, soul nourishing food to practitioners and students. That we are already “working together under one roof in Unity” with so many people, as Swami wished, makes us very grateful and happy. Thanks to everyone for the time, the passion and the energy that flows in harmony to make the work possible.

We also say a big THANKS for all the financial support that has benefited the many KALESHWARA EUROPE projects and activities. Every penny helps to share the ancient spiritual knowledge taught by Sri Kaleshwar with people who yearn for real transformation. Every day, with all our love, time and strength, we as a team dedicate our energies to ensure that the information from the Palm Leaf Books is preserved in its purity, and that the knowledge contained therein comes to life in many people. Every donation, every course fee, every purchase in the Dharma Shop, serves this purpose.

So, I need your complete support, your strength and unity. If you’re in unity, certain things I can do. If you’re really patient and cooperate with each other, like brothers and sisters and good friends, like a teamwork, you really can create history and victory. It’s not my success, it’s your success, guys.

Sri Kaleshwar

Continuing Sri Kaleshwar’s life’s work, with all its many projects and activities, is only possible with financial support.

OUR PLEA. KALESHWARA EUROPE needs financial support. That is what we would like to ask for at the end of the year. Bringing a Dharma like ours into the world is a work full of challenges and uncertainties. The work of KALESHWARA EUROPE is extensive and costly. For one, moderate compensation for our committed employees who work in many different ways in numerous central areas of the organization. Furthermore compensation for teachers and translators, operating and maintenance costs of the various locations, audio / video technology, digitization, maintenance of a company car, office expenses, accommodation and travel expenses for our event team, accounting, tax and legal advice, insurance …

In our society we are used to valuing things according to their price. At the same time KALESHWARA EUROPE would like to enable everyone to participate in courses in the future – including those who only have little money to give in exchange. For this reason, we have introduced “Dakshina at Your Own Discretion” and scholarships. One thing is clear: Nobody “pays” for the Dharma, because the Dharma is priceless. However, keeping the Dharma alive for practitioners costs a lot of money. So we will only be able to finance the important projects in the coming year if – in addition to the income from courses and the Dharma Shop, which cover the majority of the costs – as many people as possible take heart and donate at the end of the year. In addition, we are looking for Dharma Angels who are willing to support the Dharma regularly with a monthly donation of 18 € / 36 € / 54 € / 108 € or more. Can you be one of them?

Your support means a lot to us! We do our Dharma without any financial security and often beyond our personal limits, as we want to share the gift of knowledge and experiences with Swami with as many people as possible. We are convinced that we are doing something very meaningful for the world. In 2021, we will continue to move forward with full commitment, love and strength.

We would like to thank all those who are already supporting, and above all we ask that those of you who have not yet decided to offer financial support to listen to your hearts whether you can do so now – either as a one time donation, or regular monthly support. THANK YOU!

Our heartfelt thanks for your contribution!

PS: You will find an overview of the ongoing initiatives, activities, the 2021 curriculum, as well as the outlook for 2022 in the appendix.


In comparison with all religions, the true religion is your heart religion. Your own heart is your own religion. That is so, so important. That’s why I always say, “Follow your heart, follow your heart.

Sri Kaleshwar

Review 2021

Who can you believe? You have to believe only in yourself. The real master is always living in you. You have to recognize that is the one truth. The real master is always living in you. The right person is in your heart, the inner judge.

Sri Kaleshwar

With combined forces and despite the ongoing global crisis, much has been done in 2021:


It is everyone’s duty to become a soul of Satya, Dharma, Shanti, Prema. Choose one and focus on that. Bring a lot of light in you, then light a lot of candles on the globe. That’s my wish.

Sri Kaleshwar

The world’s circumstances have required us to act flexibly in 2021. During the lockdown phases, we implemented the Online Soul University curriculum. Whenever it was possible – especially in summer – we used every opportunity to get together and practice in nature. All participants could feel the soul-strengthening effect of these group meditations.

Seminars, Retreats & Initiations

  • “Night of Silence and Blessings” Shivaratri Mini-Retreat with Tatyanna in DE-Einhausen
  • “Datta Kriya Retreat & Initiation” incl. Guru Purnima Program with Tatyanna at the Beuerhof Retreat Center in DE-Üxheim
  • “Soul Healing” Retreat with Tatyanna at Schweibenalp Center of Unity in CH-Brienz
  • ”Kala Chakra” 7 Months Intensive with Tatyanna in Alerheim, Germany
  • “Womb-Chakra” 9 Months Intensive with Tatyanna in Muensingen, Germany

  • “Shiva’s Angels” One-Day-Program & Online Course
    • with Gieta in Einhausen and Dieburg, Germany & Online
  • “Maha Lakshmis Blessings” One-Day-Program & Online Course
    • with Gieta in Einhausen and Dieburg, Germany & Online
  • “Power Objects” Weekend Program & Online Course
    • with Gieta in Einhausen and Dieburg, Germany & Online
    • with Hana in Brno, Czech Republic & Online
  • “Kaleshwar Mantra Meditation” Introductory Course
    • with Hana in Brno, Czech Republic & Online
    • with Gieta in Dieburg, Germany & Online
    • with Jenniver in DE-Einhausen & Online
  • “Detox for the Soul” Introductory Course
    • with Gieta in Dieburg, Germany & Online
    • with Jenniver in Einhausen, Germany & Online
    • with Hana in Brno, Czech Republic & Online
  • Sun & Moon Introductory Course
    • with Hana in Brno, Czech Republic & Online
  • “5 Elements Intensive” One-Year-Program
    • with Jenniver in Einhausen and Ostfildern, Germany & Online
    • with Helen in Alerheim, Germany
    • with Hana in Brno, Czech Republic & Online
    • with Gieta – One-on-One
  • Surya Nadi Initiation
    • with Tatyanna in DE-Einhausen
    • with Jenniver, Germany – Online
    • with Hana in Brno, Czech Republic & Online
  • Chandra Nadi Initiation
    • with Tatyanna in Einhausen, Germany
    • with Jenniver in Germany – Online
    • with Hana in Brno, Czech Republic & Online
  • Mantra Classes: “Nine Arrows, Maha Kali Mantra, Shakti Gayatri Mantra”
    • with Jenniver in DE-Einhausen, DE-Alerheim & Online
    • with Hana in Brno, Czech Republic & Online
  • “Heal Your Heart” One-Day-Program & Online Course
    • with Gieta in Einhausen and Dieburg, Germany & Online
    • with Hana, Czech Republic – Online
  • “Shiva/Shakti – Happy Partnerships” Weekend Program & Online Course
    • with Gieta and Petar in Einhausen and Dieburg, Germany & Online
    • with Hana, Czech Republic – Online
  • “Soul Object” Intensive
    • with Tatyanna at the Beuerhof Retreat Center in Uexheim, Germany
    • with Hana in Brno, Czech Republic
  • “When a Fire becomes Sacred” Pujari Training
    • with Jenniver in Einhausen, Germany
    • with Hana in Brno, Czech Republic
  • Sacred Space Puja & Altar Workshop
    • with Zahira (for czech group) – Online
  • “Jesus-Yantra” Modul I + II
    • with Gieta in Einhausen, Germany
  • “Sri Chakra” Modul I + II
    • with Jenniver in Einhausen, Germany
  • Telugu Basics
    • with Hana, Czech Republic – Online
  • “Kaleshwara Vaastu” Basic Principles – Weekend Program
    • with Gieta in Einhausen, Germany
    • with Hana in Brno, Czech Republic
  • ”Kaleshwara Vaastu Architect Apprenticeship” Individual Training
    • with Tobias in Einhausen, Germany

As well as accompanying individuals through spiritual coaching.

Online Meditation Program

  • Shivaratri Intensive: Trineytra Dhara – Doorway to Inner Freedom (German, Czech, Russian)
  • Pentecoast Intensive: Holy Spirit - Jesus & The Divine Feminine (German, Czech)
  • Guru Purnima Intensive: Divine Grace – The Bliss of Self-Awareness (German, Czech)
  • Navaratri Intensive: Moksha Devi – Liberation through the Power of Mother Divine (German, Czech, Russian)
  • Christmas Intensive: Soul Peace – Recalling Your Inner Light (German, Czech)

In the past year, scholarships in the form of reductions or remission of course fees/Dakshina in worth of more than €20,000 has been awarded to single parents, students and the unemployed. This is only possible thanks to the wider community. A heartfelt THANK YOU!

Pilgrimages to India

Due to the global crisis and the associated travel restrictions, no pilgrimage took place in 2021. We hope that in 2022 there will be the opportunity to travel to India again in a larger group.


A big fear is coming in the Universe and at the same time, there will be spiritual thirst and hunger. At this time, it’s important to have the help and presence of spiritual healers. One healer will be able to handle one thousand people, if they have the permission.

My students have that permission. I am so happy they gave permission. Now I can give these abilities and knowledge to you.

Sri Kaleshwar
Sri Kaleshwar’s Statements for European Dharma
Sri Kaleshwar’s Statements for European Dharma

Sri Kaleshwar gave us the assignment to train teachers and healers. It was his wish that they work together under one roof.

He wanted to ensure that people in search of authentic knowledge find a platform through which his teachings are taught by well-trained teachers and in its pure form. The attached PDF summarizes Sri Kaleshwar’s statements and wishes regarding the official representation of his mission in Europe.

Fulfilling this Dharma is our promise – to our Master and to ourselves.

Teacher Circle

The existing circle of teachers continued the work of 2020, looking back and reorienting itself for the future. Intensive teacher training (exercises, deepening the knowledge, tests, training) take place regularly. 

Since August 2018, a group of students have been in intensive training as teachers at KALESHWARA EUROPE Soul University.

A new training group will start in 2022.


”I experience teacher training as a personal process. Perhaps a bit like what the students experienced with Swami in Penukonda. There is a great team of teachers who accompany, teach and challenge us — each at their own pace. We are tested on each topic. We have grown together as a group through teacher meetings, regular transmissions and study groups. The team of teachers bring Swami’s teachings closer to my heart above all through their work, their trust, their clarity, their love and their open hearts. They show us what it’s all about. THANK YOU FROM MY HEART!” Elke

“First of all, in this community I feel like I am part of a loving family that is very supportive. Everyone is individual and free and at the same time we live as a community. This community is a stable factor, especially in times of unrest. The teacher training brings a wonderful deepening of the knowledge and has pointed out my big gaps where I need more study. The tireless work and processing of the knowledge by the team for we teachers in training is admirable, and I am very grateful for it. The knowledge „grinding” with Zahira is also a great gift for me. We have access to Swami’s work, and we have access to him as a human being and as one of the divine souls, who through their incarnation and sacred knowledge – like Jesus – bring the light back to earth. And we, his students, have the task of bringing this knowledge into the world at the right time.” Adelheid

Study and Teaching Materials

The study and teaching materials are compiled from Sri Kaleshwar’s original talks (transcriptions) according to topics and carefully translated, which is a time-consuming but rewarding, sustainable and future-oriented task. Many practitioners and students benefit from this work. In 2021, the following new courses have been developed or revised and teaching materials have been created: 

  • Kala Chakra – The Wheel of Time – Modul I + II (New Course) in German
  • Datta Kriya (New Course) in German
  • Surya Nadi (New Course) in German and Czech
  • Chandra Nadi (New Course) in German und Czech
  • Sun & Moon (New Course) in Czech
  • Five Elements “Grinding” Intensive (New Kurs) in German

Try to give every hour, every day, as much as you can. I’m talking pure spirituality. Compared with the millions and millions of souls in God’s creation – the birds, animals, whatever it is – all the souls that have a human body on this planet are really so lucky. Try to make use of it as much as you can. Your life is a big book, a Bible. Your life is a Bible. It’s your soul Bible saying how you really enjoyed the God energy.

Sri Kaleshwar


  • German and czech translation of the First Global Conference Call of Sri Kaleshwar” on Kartika Purnima 2009
  • First draft of a german translation of a “Kala Chakra Compilation” for Kala Chakra Soul University study materials – Publication planned after careful revision
  • First draft of a german translation of talk transcriptions “Datta Kriya” – Publication planned after careful revision
  • Free Kaleshwar Bhajan Live Recordings on our Bandcamp-Channel HERE


Kaleshwara Vaastu

  • Basic Vaastu Principles Course with Gieta
  • Kaleshwara Vaastu Architect Apprenticeship with Tobias (Architects and Urban Planners)
  • Vaastu Consultation and Construction Supervision in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, France, Czech Republic, Portugal, Spain, USA and Canada


Spiritual Coaching & Healing Sessions

KALESHWARA EUROPE has rooms for counseling & Sai Shakti Healing:

  • Tatyanna & Gieta in Einhausen, Germany
  • Jenniver in Alerheim, Germany
  • Hana in Brno, Czech Republic



  • Kaleshwar Jayanti in Einhausen, Germany & Brno, Czech Republic (Online)
  • Mother’s Day in Einhausen, Germany & Remote
  • Guru Purnima Retreat & One-Day-Program – Datta Kriya Initiation, Satsang, Bhajans, Fire Puja at the Beuerhof Retreat Center in Uexheim, Germany & Remote
  • Guru Purnima One-Day-Program in Brno, Czech Republic
  • Rakhi Purnima – Fullmoon of Friendship – in Einhausen, Germany & Remote
  • Ganesh Chaturti – Special Fire Puja from Schweibenalp Center of Unity in Brienz, Switzerland
  • Navaratri – 11 Fire Pujas during Mother Divine Festival in Einhausen, Germany and Brno, Czech Republic
  • Shirdi Sai Babas Samadhi Day (Vijayadashami) in Einhausen, Germany and Brno, Czech Republic
  • Diwali – Festival of Lights in Einhausen and Alerheim, Germany, in Brno, Czech Republic & Remote
  • Kartika Purnima – in Einhausen, Germany & Remote

Photos of the events can be found on the Kaleshwar Europe Facebook Fanpage HERE

Community OM-line :-)

In the first lockdown phase in 2020, a circle of practitioners came together in the “Soul Protection Meditation Group”. The group continues to practice til today. The free online offer includes:

  • Daily Mantra Meditation for Protection Circles and Inner Peace
  • Spiritual Practises such as Arathi, Abishek
  • Regular LIVE Bhajans Online via Zoom Call
  • Story-Telling-Evening – Inspiring Exchange of Experiences with Sri Kaleshwar and Sacred Knowledge.

For all participants of the Soul Protection Meditation Group, an online database with various contributions (meditation instructions, videos, pictures…) is available for practice at home.


Bhajan Team Members Feedback:

”What I find fascinating is that I always feel better after singing bhajans online than before. That’s nice.” Rama

“Singing bhajans together is always a very deep and connecting experience – also LIVE Online! I could never have imagined that until I experienced it myself. I am very grateful to be able to help shape the evenings and to help create a space in which healing can take place on many levels. What particularly fascinates me is that our organizing the evenings also works at very short notice. We are now a well-coordinated team that can rely on each other. Even if there are new singers, they are immediately integrated and supported by the whole group. I experience it in such a way that all singers are wholeheartedly involved, and this energy reaches all participants. Especially nowadays, I think it is very important and also supportive to meet and network in such ways. In gatherings where all burdens can be put down, where lightness and joy can be felt again, and hearts are deeply touched. Where we keep being reminded of our divine essence, and being aware of our creative power. May the energy continue to work for people, for a world in peace, freedom and all-embracing love.” Shanti

Together for Peace – Fire Pujas & more…

  • More than 50 Fire Pujas in Einhausen, Germany
  • More than 160 Full & New Moon Fire Pujas for Peace & Healing in the Kaleshwar Centers and Pujari Circle HERE
  • New Puja Location with New Dhuni in Brno, Czech Republic
  • New Puja Location in Alerheim, Germany

Sri Chakra Healing Circle

The Sri Chakra Healing Circle HERE for new and full moon is well received. The Circle works on a voluntary basis:

  • 17 Volunteer Healers are involved in the Circle
  • Numerous Healing Seekers turn to the Healing Circle

Humanitarian Projects

  • Over 9000 Meals for the Needy in Brno and Vlhka, Czech Republic
  • Approx. 20 times Sandwich-Seva for the Needy in Bensheim and Darmstadt, Germany (during the lockdowns we weren’t allowed to cook in homeless facilities in Germany, so we distributed sandwich packages)
  • New sandwich seva project in Augsburg, Germany from December 2021
  • Winter Packages Christmas Promotion for the Homeless in Brno and Vlhka, Czech Republic
  • Activities of Kaleshwar Groups such as singing in the nursing home, at the Wachkoma station, children’s fun day, cooking for the needy etc.
  • Fundraising to support those affected by the corona pandemic in Penukonda, Andrah Pradesh, India

Kaleshwar Center & Regional Groups

Kaleshwar Center Einhausen, Germany

In 64683 Einhausen, Germany we maintain a puja garden and Swami’s house in Neuroeder Weg 61. On an area of 90 square meters there is the meditation room with the altar, a healing room and the office and shipping point of the Dharma Shop. We call the house “Swami’s House” because Sri Kaleshwar has visited here several times and also stayed overnight.

  • Development & Financing Kaleshwar Center Einhausen in Swami’s Haus
  • New facility and furniture of the temple and healing room in 2021
  • Construction of a Ganesh shrine in the puja garden and inauguration during Navaratri 2021
  • Soul University Courses & Satsang
  • Monthly Full and New Moon Fire Pujas for Peace and Healing
  • Regular Bhajan Evenings
  • Charities: Babas Monthly Soup Kitchen for 30-40 homeless, Sandwich-Seva Darmstadt

Kaleshwar Center Alerheim, Germany

In 86733 Alerheim, Germany, since August 2021 there is a room for smaller courses and healing sessions.

  • Renovation & Establishment healing room
  • Monthly Full and New Moon Fire Pujas for Peace and Healing
  • Charities: Sandwich Seva Augsburg starting in December 2021

Kaleshwar Center Brno, Czech Republic – Shirdi Baba Temple

  • Development & Financing City Center Brno, Czech Republic
  • New puja place with dhuni for monthly Full Moon Fire Pujas for Peace and Healing
  • Soul University Courses & Satsang
  • Regular Abishek Meditations
  • Charities: Babas Weekly Soup Kitchen for over 160 homeless people

Kaleshwar Gruppe Neubrandenburg, Germany

  • Guru Purnima: Community Celebration in nature & fire ceremony
  • Charities: Singing Bhajans in the Hospice and on the Guard Coma Station, Charity Events for Christmas

Outlook 2022

Our vision is to help people successfully master the path of healing and awareness shown by Sri Kaleshwar, and to live their lives powerfully as free, self-determined people, unhindered by blocks and connected to their true divine selves.

In 2021, KALESHWARA EUROPE will therefore continue to focus on the creation of power places, healing rooms, the work of the Teachers’ Circle and the expansion of the Soul University in Europe, where practitioners and students can make powerful progress along this path. Experience shows us that this systematically meaningful accompaniment through the various stages powerfully supports people in building and maintaining their own energy, in order to make higher spiritual experiences possible for them.

As a team, we therefore continue to focus on translating Sri Kaleshwar’s knowledge into different European languages and on the preparing topical arrangement of knowledge for the Soul University in Europe. Knowledge preparation and transfer is carried out according to Sri Kaleshwar’s high standard. This work is in constant movement. It is an enormous task and it will take a long time. We can only master this together. With the blessing of the Guru Parampara, it will succeed. 

On behalf of the entire team, we would like to thank all participants in the courses and all supporters – whether through donations of money or time – once again with all our hearts. THANK YOU for your trust.

Tatyanna and Tobias for the whole team

See you in 2022!


There’s an unbelievable huge light hidden in us. It means the human life is so lucky. It’s a boon. If we waste our time it means we are wasting an unbelievable gift. Now it is the right time to really recognize yourself, to live your life in a highly successful way, to recognize the inner truth, to recognize the inner mechanism of the high cosmic energy, and how it really implements, especially on human beings.

Sri Kaleshwar