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Our Divine Lineage

Who is the Guru Parampara?

In spirituality, everything is about the happiness you get when you’re linking to the master, and the master and the master.

Sri Kaleshwar

The word “Parampara” originates in Sanskrit language. The literal meaning is “continuous series, order, continuation, meditation, tradition”. In the traditional form of spiritual education the shishya - the student - lives together with his Guru as a part of his family and receives the teachings directly from him. Knowledge is being passed on - a new lineage is being created.

The originator of this knowledge tradition, we practice in, is the modern Saint, Healer and spiritual Master Sri Kaleshwar. He practised the ancient knowledge from the palm leaf manuscripts, demonstrated it, prepared it for modern times and taught it to countless western students. His Master is Shirdi Sai Baba. The Guru Parampara of this lineage therefore is Sri Kaleshwar and Shirdi Sai Baba.

Why a Master is necessary

Shirdi Baba, Jesus, Ramakrishna Paramahamsa, Ramana Maharshi and Sri Kaleshwar are part of the Divine Lineage. Sri Kaleshwar says we all need the help of divine souls to find God.

How to pull cosmic energy? That’s called the God energy. We can easily pull cosmic energy. It has to be through some holy persons. We can’t handle that cosmic energy directly. Through some holy person, maybe Jesus, Shirdi Baba, any Ma, any Baba, any Swami, any holy man, any holy soul. It’s through them. First we have to be able to receive their energy—to taste. When you are ready to taste their energy, then that energy makes you to connect to the cosmic.

Without tasting the love from the master, from the holy man, from any traditional strong soul man…if you can’t get love from him, if you can’t receive the energy from him, if your heart is closed to such type of people, there is no chance––you can’t suck the cosmic energy. You can’t connect to the universe. You can’t connect to the Creation of nature. We have to understand––we’re just a small peanut in the biggest, huge God Creation. In the incredible Creation, we are just a small, small nut.

The final point is you met a strong beautiful master. Then he threw you to Mother Divine. He’s giving you the right channel. That’s a huge, huge luck! It’s the master’s luck and the student’s luck. Hey, giving a gift and receiving a gift—both persons have to be qualified. If I’m giving a gift to you it means I have to be qualified to give it to you. If you’re receiving a gift from me, it means you have to qualify to receive it from me. Equal 100%.

Sri Kaleshwar


Your master is your sweet helping man at the same time confusing master. To be honest it is good for you. It’s really good for you when the nature is really shaking you. First I am shaking you. Then I am sending you. Then you can stand there. Any master in the universe with their masters they did it the same way 100%. They went through the same door. Period.

The most genius people are only the spiritual masters. Only through divine love, through God’s love can you help them unbelievably. If you really want to learn such techniques, you have to understand the pains of the world and the channels of cosmic energy to suck the negativity of the world. You have to go to the positive side and the negative side. Once if you understand both sides then you can become a master. Then you easily can help many, many people. When you are helping many people, that great happiness, that is incredible! Helping people is one type of huge yoga.

It’s my dharma to wash out some stuff, what is really stagnating in the student, and what they’re holding. If I don’t wash it out, if I’m just giving and walking out, it won’t work out for many lifetimes. That’s why from the ancient times until now, especially in these last couple of centuries, no saints have been able to prepare amazing students on this planet. I don’t want to command on my students saying, ‘You should do this, you should do that.’ Do whatever you like, be happy, be in a good way. But when I’m giving the training it’s like I’m making a statue from a rock. At the time, the statue cries, ‘Why is he beating me with his chisel? Why is he chiseling me?’ But after a while it’s a beautiful statue and they’re making beautiful garlands to put on you and throwing flowers at your feet. The chiseling is so important. Someone chiseled the Baba statue, cutting the rock, making his legs. Baba never felt bad asking, ‘Why he’s doing it like that?’ He needed it. Now he’s done and we’re throwing flowers and rose water.

Once you surrender to God and to spiritual practice and your path, never ever go back. Any tradition, any religion, any method, once you’re so impressed there, that’s it, take it, keep moving. Once you enter into spirituality, completely surrender, ‘whatever it is, it is’. Dedicate your life to spirituality until you win, until you reach your achievement. That is the pure dedication.

Sri Kaleshwar

A spiritual master is the one who guides the seeker on his path back to his true self, the inner master. He is a pointer to the way, opens the mind and lets the seeker recognize his own nature. He guides the student through illusions and leads the path towards clarity. A teacher teaches knowledge, a master gives wisdom. A teacher takes the student by the hand, a master leads through his being. A teacher may know ways to solve lifes problems. A master shows the student how to remove the issues.

The scriptures tell us that it is as difficult to retrace the path of a sage as of a bird in the air. It is his presence that touches people in the depth of their souls and transforms them - when the heart is open.

The real master is always living in you. You have to recognize that is the one truth. The real master is always living in you. The right person is in your heart, the inner judge. It’s the whole system in Creation. It is always in you but you don’t know that. You can do wonders, but you don’t know that. You are a part of God, but you don’t know that. Even if somebody is saying it and you know it, but you have to experience it, too. What did Jesus say? Who trusts in him will become even more powerful. This applies to all of his students. All are equal.

Sri Kaleshwar