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Personal Experiences

Sharing experiences & deepen understanding

By sharing your personal experiences of the cosmic energy with others lets those experiences come alive again. By pulling the energy of the experience into the here and now we strengthen our personal connection to the Divine. By practicing this we can help each other to understand our own experiences better, and help inginte such experiences individual experiences in others.

Finally, all of the knowledge from the palm leaf books that are a part of the master lineage shared by Sri Kaleshwar is knowledge by experience. Thousands of people before us have already experienced the effects of the knowledge within the palm leave books, and have gathered evidence of the effects of the meditation practices. It is about embodying the knowledge. It is about embodying a spirituality that can be practised in our daily lives and has the power to transform our lives beyond our own limited imagination.

In a german Blog we are already publishing stories about personal experiences.

What was your experience?

  • A personal meeting with Sri Kaleshwar
  • Experiencing Sri Kaleshwar’s energy after his Samadhi
  • “Supernatural” experiences and miracles
  • Self enquiry: Recognizing blocks and how to handle them
  • Healing experiences
  • Meditation experiences and visions
  • Implementing the techniques in daily life
  • Darshan experiences
  • and much more…

If you have a beautiful story to share please send your article (Text and photos) to: It is advisable to share only those experiences that are already digested, processed and integrated.