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Kaleshwar Bhajans & Shiva Sai Mandir Music

Healing Music: Sangitha Prakshalana

There is a rhythm in the soul and the heart of each of us - a rhythm that makes human nature. This rhythm connects us to the source of what we are; why we are here and where we go from here. A couplet in India says, “In the heart cave of the body, there is inner space and in that inner-space there is the vibrant thread of consciousness. It is the thread of consciousness that functions as the string of the sarira-vina (bodily instrument).” When we bring that vibration into harmony through sound, waves and vibrations, we experience the divine source within ourselves. Those who are able to bring this rhythm in music into the right vibrations can touch and transform people in their very depth. The internal structure of bhajans makes it possible to generate divine transformational energy; to send and receive it.

Bhajan singing is a very powerful way for healing yourself and others. Sri Kaleshwar calls this path Sangitha Prakshalana meaning, the healing of the heart and soul through listening to divinely-inspired music.

Bhajanworkshop in Kassel, Germany
Bhajanworkshop in Kassel, Germany

The study of bhajans on the style of Shiva Sai Mandir music is an intensive training in theory and practice. Bhajans follow internal laws that are considered in the Indian tradition for thousands of years in the composition of music. Swami once said:

„When you’re doing bhajans, first of all, your mind is getting peaceful. Energetically chanting and chanting, but the soul is very standard, is a solid rock. Whatever comes, it’s fine. Whatever your mind is singing, the songs, whatever it is, that is normal. After you did bhajans, when you are sleeping, the vibrations, without your notice, will release a lot of stress and pain that your soul is carrying; it will wash out.“

Holy words and their high vibration along with the melody and the rhythm let become Bhajans true masterpieces which have an uplifting effect on body, mind, heart and soul. The chanting of Bhajans connects us with divine energy and allows the experience that we are all one. To merge with the cosmic energy - merge with God - is the goal of our soul. Bhajan singing is like a royal street there.

“Bhajans have allowed us to experience a sublime connection to the cosmic energy and its wonder-full power. Bhajans have an unexpected capacity to transform people. They have made us happier, more authentic and relaxed, clearer and brighter. It has provided us the space for deeper devotion, honesty and a loving nature. And, bhajans have taught us to be present - in the here and now. Instead of filling our heads with the empty noise of random thoughts, we have joyful music! We believe that the chanting of Bhajans is a royal road to union with divinity.” - Gustav Vigneshwara and Sabeenamayi, Bhajan singers, musicians and teachers of Shiva Sai Mandir Music

Kaleshwar Bhajans Book by Sankirtanacharia (Gustav) Vigneshwara - ORDER HERE
Kaleshwar Bhajans Book by Sankirtanacharia (Gustav) Vigneshwara - ORDER HERE

Swami taught and refined traditional Bhajans in a special way. In 2006, he asked Sabeenamayi and Gustav Vigneshwara to train many people in this style of healing music. He said: “30 Bhajans are enough to punch the globe!” He meant that ‘30 Bhajans can change the world’ – they carry that much potential. We are discovering, layer by layer, this very truth. Sankirtana Charia Gustav Vigneshwara left his body on Dec 25, 2015. His wife Sabeenamayi together with Veemala and Falk carry forth the spirit of Shiva Sai Mandir Music - through concerts and workshops they inspire people to find their own voice.

More about Shiva Sai Mandir Music:

Experience Kaleshwar Bhajans – Local Kaleshwar Communities

In 2011 Sri Kaleshwar inspired groups of students in Neubrandenburg, Kassel, Leipzig, Vienna and Brno, to offer local events like fire pujas, bhajan evenings and more as a group to the public and implement charitable initiatives in their areas. He trusted and blessed them to act as “official Kaleshwar Communities” in his name.

Bhajans in Einhausen/Lorsch

Bhajans in Einhausen/Lorsch:

To hear ones own voice together with the voices of others - being part of something bigger as each individual… Bhajans have the capacity, to gift you with an experience of unity and heart opening. Bhajans are sung prayers. To sing them regulary is an effective way to experience peace and to deepen meditation.

Dates: every Wednesday, 7 p.m.
Location: Neuröder Weg 61, 64683 Einhausen - when weather is nice we sing outside!
Dakshina: Donation

Bhajans in Neubrandenburg

Bhajans in Neubrandenburg:

Dates with Inge: TBA
Dates with Günter: TBA
Dates with Gautam: TBA
Location: after registration
Dakshina: Donation
Contact & Information: Maren & Günter,

More Events of Kaleshwar Communities you will find HERE.

Some groups are sending their monthly Event Calendar (in German). If you are interested, register HERE.


Enjoy this beautiful Bhajan with Christina Schmidt, Gustav Vigneshwara and Sabeenamayi. The first part is an old mantra - the Mahamrityunjaya Mantra (महामृत्युंजय मंत्र, Mahāmṛtyuṃjaya Mantra - „Great Death-conquering Mantra“) - an old healing mantra. The second part is a wonderful devotional text workshipping Jesus Christ.

Text & Übersetzung


Om Tryambakam Yajamahe
Sugandhim Pushti Vardhanam
Urvarukamiva Bandhanan
Mrtyor Mukshiya Mamrtat

  1. Yesu Kshira Maha Kshira
  2. Yesu Amruta Maha Amruta
  3. Yesu Hrudaya Maha Hrudaya

Yesu Yesu Mahadeva
Yesu Jai Yesu Jai Yesu Jai Jai
Yogam Yogam Yesu Sharanam

English translation:

OM. We worship and adore (Yajamahe) You, oh three-eyed One (Tryambakam). Oh Shiva, You are the sweet fragrance (Sugandhim) of life! You nourish (Vardhanam) us, restore our health, and cause us to thrive (Pushti). As, in due time, the stem (Bandhanan) of the cucumber (Urvarukamiva) weakens, and the fruit is freed from the vine. So free (Mukshiya) us from attachment and death (Mrityor), and give us immortality (Mamritat)!

Oh Jesus, you are like the milk (Kshira) which nurses the body, like Divine Nectar (Amruta) which nurses the soul, and you have a great (Maha) heart (Hrudaya) for this creation! Victory (Jai) to Jesus, the unity (Yogam) with You is my refuge (Sharanam).