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Annual Report 2023 & Preview 2024

My dear divine souls, I’m bringing these four with me, four weapons – satya, dharma, shanti, prema – right truth, right judgment, right peace, and right love. They’re a very, very important phenomena in your life. You require that. If you don’t have these four, it is very difficult to lead your life so easily.

Any great saints’ life, anybody’s life, out of the four they chose one. Jesus took the prema; Baba took the satya; Paramahamsa took the shanti, Kabir Das took the dharma; Tulsidas took the shanti. Any character if you take it, they took one great quality and they developed it. Their life turned completely as a nectar. They lived in the nectar. They enjoyed such a great bliss.

Whenever you surrender completely with an open determined heart for the Almighty’s work, the Almighty will create you as a beautiful nectar. The Almighty will take you in a proper way, to use you for the whole planet.

Sri Kaleshwar


A very big THANK YOU – This is what we want to say to all at the end of this year.

“Help the poor and spread the knowledge!” This was the simple task that Sri Kaleshwar gave to one of his students, who is now part of the Kaleshwara Yoga team. She had asked him what she should focus on once he left his body. This is the mission that he ultimately gave to all of his students. Take care of the needy, and share what you have received from your Swami. Today we would like to say from the bottom of our hearts THANK YOU to everyone who fulfills this mission – in small or large ways.

We are Grateful to be Part of the Beautiful Kaleshwar Family!

THANK YOU to everyone who supports the platform for Swami’s mission in Europe – a protective umbrella that unites those who want to pool their strengths and knowledge for the benefit of all practitioners who come after us. The fact that this circle is growing fills us with gratitude and any support for our mission – through seva or material donations – fills us with humility. THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts.

It comes down to satya, dharma, shanthi, prema – Baba’s four lights. Becoming a specialist in any one of these automatically brings you the other three. But in this yuga, on this planet, the highest is the prema, the love. Jesus won that. Swami won that. This planet is the planet of heartbreak and depression. It needs the love to balance the huge negativity that gravitates to this planet, especially in this yuga. But also because there is that much negativity, it’s the fastest way to reach God, if you have the big open heart.

Sri Kaleshwar

Continuing the mission is only possible with financial support.

OUR PLEA. Sharing KALESHWARA YOGA with people takes a lot of time, commitment, patience and funds. We therefore ask for financial support so that we can continue this work vigorously.

If you are one of those people who currently do not have sufficient funds at their disposal to cover the increased cost of living, you will not be able to donate anything – that is clear. If you are one of the lucky ones who is able to give, we ask that you consider supporting our mission with a year-end donation.

DONATIONS HELP US to sustainably bring this mission to life. Your donation will be used for: Rent and energy costs for the individual centers, the living expenses of those who dedicate themselves to the Dharma full-time, the ongoing expenses for Baba’s Table as well as costs for audio/video technology, digitalization, maintenance of a company car, accommodation & travel costs for our event team, office expenses, accounting, tax and legal advice, insurance … We use all income from courses, from the Dharma Shop and additional donations to finance the above.

We all do this work out of the conviction that every person deserves to receive the knowledge from the ancient palm leaf books. That’s why, despite all the financial pressure, we want to continue to enable everyone to take part in courses – even those who have little money to live on.

We will only be able to finance the important projects next year if as many people as possible make a one-off donation at the end of 2023. In addition, we are looking for more Dharma Angels who are willing to support the Dharma regularly over the next year with a monthly donation of 18€ / 36€ / 54€ / 108€ or more. Can you be one of them?

Your support means a lot to us! We will continue the dharma in 2024 with all our love, time and energy. We would like to thank everyone who is already involved, and to ask those of you who have not yet decided to support to consider whether you can do so now – one time or regularly throughout 2024. THANK YOU!

Thank you for your contribution!

PS: Attached you will find an overview of the ongoing initiatives, activities, 2023 curriculum, as well as the outlook for 2024.


After you develop a great quality in you (satya, dharma, shanti, prema), no matter what, whatever the circumstances, even if you’ll be in trouble, no matter what it is, it will protect you, it will help you.

Sri Kaleshwar

Review 2023

Be in unity.

Sri Kaleshwar

By combining forces, even in the face of global crises, nevertheless a lot was achieved in 2023:


Your body never, ever counts in what you’re doing on this planet. The soul counts. Whenever you sacrifice, whenever you offer your soul to the Almighty with a pure open heart, of course the Almighty will accept you. Incredible amazing genius energy will start to flow in you. Whenever the energy is flowing, you can taste the nectar of the energy. Then you can feel it. That’s a part of satya.

Sri Kaleshwar

“Soul University” is a university for the soul. It encompasses far more than intellectual engagement with spiritual knowledge. The processes you will be initiated into at the Soul University will awaken your soul and charge it with shakti, cosmic energy. The soul’s natural healing abilities will be awakened, and you will discover your true identity. Your soul is empowered to fulfill its Dharma – the reason why it incarnated here on earth. Sri Kaleshwar called those who follow the path shown by him “soul scientists”. Our offer is primarily aimed at those who are ready to engage in inner transformation work and would like to be accompanied in the process. We offer process support by well-trained and experienced KALESHWARA YOGA Teachers.

The sacred space in our classrooms as well as during the regular fire pujas and bhajan singing are our “campus” where souls meet and grow together.

I’m telling you today that by 2030, hundreds of powerful centers like Penukonda will bloom, come up. You guys will do amazing things. Your students will also do amazing things. But one tricky point is left, the information, certain information needs to go out in a proper way. Don’t use your masala in it and destroy that information.

Sri Kaleshwar

Seminars, Retreats & Initiations


  • “5 Elements Intensive” One-Year-Program
    • with Jenniver in DE-Ostfildern & online
    • with Bettina in DE-Einhausen
    • with Hana (CZ) Online
  • ”Womb-Chakra” 7-Month Intensive
    • with Jenniver in DE-Alerheim
    • with Helen in RU-Kaliningrad
    • with Hana in CZ-Brno
  • ”Kala Chakra” 9-Month Intensive
    • with Tatyanna in DE-Einhausen and in CZ-Brno
  • “Sri Chakra” Module I – III
    • with Jenniver in DE-Alerheim & DE-Einhausen
  • Surya Nadi Initiation
    • with Gieta in DE-Einhausen & Online
    • with Jenniver in DE-Alerheim & Online
  • Chandra Nadi Initiation
    • with Gieta in DE-Einhausen & Online
    • with Jenniver in DE-Alerheim & Online
  • “Soul Object” Intensive
    • with Tatyanna


  • “Kaleshwar Mantra Meditation” Introductory Class
  • “Detox for the Soul” Introductory Workshop
  • “Free Bird” Day Workshop
  • “Shivas Angels” Day Program & Online Course
  • “Maha Lakshmis Blessings” Day Program & Online Course
  • “Heal Your Heart” Day Program & Online Course
  • “Initiation: Nine Arrows, Maha Kali, Shakti Gayatri” Mantra Classes

The aforementioned introductory and basic courses were regularly offered by the following Kaleshwara Yoga teachers:

  • with Hana in CZ-Brno
  • with Helen in DE-Alerheim
  • with Elke in DE-Lauingen
  • with Tanja in AT-Altach
  • with Petar in DE-Einhausen
  • with Bettina in DE-Einhausen
  • with Katrin Lakshmi & Hanumanji in CH-Lüchingen


  • Back into the Light One-Day Workshop
    • with Jenniver in DE-Alerheim
  • “Shiva/Shakti – Conscious Relationships”
    • with Gieta & Petar in DE-Einhausen
  • “When a Fire Becomes Sacred” Pujari Training
    • with in DE-Einhausen & DE-Hohenstadt
  • “The Jesus Yantra” Module I + II
    • with Gieta in DE-Einhausen
  • “Power Objects” Weekend Program & Online-Kurs
    • with Gieta in DE-Einhausen & Online
  • “Kaleshwara Vaastu” Introductory Course
    • with Gieta in DE-Einhausen
    • with Hana in CZ-Brünn
  • ”Kaleshwara Vaastu Architectural Training” Individual Training
    • with Tobias in DE-Einhausen
  • “Kaleshwar Bhajans” Workshops
    • with Gieta in DE-Einhausen
    • with Elke in DE-Lauingen
  • “Soul Healing” One Day Event
    • with Lora in DE-Alerheim
  • “Soul Healing” Retreat
    • with Tatyanna at the Schweibenalp Center of Unity in CH-Brienz

As well as individual spiritual support in individual coaching.

Online Meditation Programs

  • Shivaratri Intensive: NEGATIVITY UNPLUG (German, Czech)
  • Easter Intensive: Nada Bindu – Union of Love and Power (German, Czech)
  • Guru Purnima Intensive: Paramātma – The Greatest Love of Your Life (German, Czech)
  • Navaratri Intensive: Shakti Svarupa – Realizing Your Soul’s Essence (German, Czech, Russian)
  • Christmas Intensive: The Miracle in You – When Healing Happens (German, Czech)

In the past year, scholarships in the form of reductions or remission of course fees/Dakshina in the amount of more than €22,000 have been awarded to single parents, students and the unemployed. This is only possible thanks to the wider community. A heartfelt THANK YOU!


We were finally able to go to India again – to be precise: at the time of writing this annual report, we are in the middle of preparing for our first trip to India since 2019! This time we are traveling to the holy power spots with a group of more than 50 souls – and we are excited to see what miracles await us. At this point, a big thank you to the Penukonda Ashram team for their good cooperation and support throughout the entire planning phase.


Whenever you’re doing your dharma, your duty perfectly, then automatically you’ll receive the shanti, the inner silence, inner peace. Once you turn as a peaceful person, the prema will turn to come around you. Everybody starts loving you. That is the satya. That is the reality. The major one is your action – the dharma, your duty.

– Sri Kaleshwar

Sri Kaleshwar
Sri Kaleshwar’s Statements for European Dharma
Sri Kaleshwar’s Statements for European Dharma

Sri Kaleshwar gave us the assignment to train teachers and healers. It was his wish that we all work together under one roof.

He wanted to ensure that people in search of authentic knowledge find a platform through which his teachings are taught by well-trained teachers, in its pure form. The attached PDF summarizes Sri Kaleshwar’s statements and wishes regarding the official representation of his mission in Europe.

Fulfilling this Dharma is our promise – to our Master and to ourselves.

Teacher Circle

Last year, the group of teachers continued to meet regularly for “knowledge grinding” (in-depth study) and to exchange experiences.

Two Kaleshwara Yoga practitioners have started their training to become Kaleshwara Yoga teachers.

Study and teaching materials

The study and teaching materials are compiled by topic from the original talks (transcriptions) of Sri Kaleshwar, and are then carefully translated into different languages. This is a time-consuming, but rewarding, sustainable and future-oriented task. Many practitioners and students are benefiting from this “pioneering work”, now and in the future.

In 2023 the following new courses are part of the KALESHWARA YOGA SOUL UNIVERSITY curriculum which have been developed or revised, and from which associated teaching materials were created:

  • Sri Chakra – Module III (Mantra Processes Rekhas & Siddhis) – Course Development
  • Pujari Training – in english
  • Grundlagenkurse – in russian
  • FREE BIRD – in czech
  • Maheshwari Yoga – Revised study material
  • Paramashiva Yoga – Course Development

We can change the planet through love. We can change the planet through forgiveness. But we have to stand for the truth and love with a determined heart.

Sri Kaleshwar


  • First draft of a German translation of the book “Ancient Knowledge — Ancient Mission” – publication planned after careful revision.
  • eBook: Power of the Elements – Compilation in english
  • eBook: Power of the Elements – Revised German Version
  • FREE BIRD – Study material in czech
  • eTranscript: Guru Parampara & You – in czech
  • Audio book: Shirdi Sai Baba – The Universal Master – in german & czech


  • Regular LIVE Bhajan evenings in DE-Einhausen, DE-Alerheim, DE-Lauingen, DE-Kassel, DE-Neubrandenburg, DE-Rumpshagen, CH-Bern – dates see HERE
  • Regular LIVE online bhajan evenings – see dates HERE
  • Free Kaleshwar Bhajan Live Recordings on Bandcamp HERE


Kaleshwara Vaastu

  • Basic Vaastu Principles Course with Gieta
  • Kaleshwara Vaastu Architect Apprenticeship with Tobias (Architects and Urban Planners)
  • Vaastu Consultation and Construction Supervision in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, France, Czech Republic, Portugal, Spain, USA and Canada


Spiritual Coaching & Healing Sessions

KALESHWARA YOGA operates practice rooms for counseling & Sai Shakti Healing at the following locations:


The next buddha will be a community.

Thich Nhat Hanh


  • Kaleshwar Jayanti – Evening-Program in DE-Einhausen and in CZ-Brno
  • Shivaratri – One-Day-Program in DE-Einhausen and in CZ-Brno
  • Mother’s Day – Special Firepuja in DE-Einhausen & via remote participation
  • Guru Purnima – One-Day-Program in DE-Einhausen and in CZ-Brno
  • Rakhi Purnima (Full Moon of Friendship) – in DE-Einhausen, DE-Alerheim, CZ-Brno & via remote participation
  • Ganesh Chaturti – Special Firepuja in DE-Alerheim & by remote participation
  • Navaratri – 11 Firepujas during Mother Divine Festival in DE-Einhausen, DE-Alerheim, CZ-Brno & via remote participation
  • Shirdi Sai Baba’s Samadhi Day (Vijayadashami) – Special Pujas in DE-Einhausen, DE-Alerheim and in CZ-Brno & via remote participation
  • Diwali – The Festival of Light in DE-Einhausen, DE-Alerheim and CZ-Brno & via remote participation
  • Kartika Purnima – via remote participation from Penukonda, India

Photos of the events can be found on the Kaleshwar Europe Facebook Fanpage HERE

Community OM-line :-)

In 2020 (the first Covid lockdown phase), a circle of practitioners came together in the “Soul Protection Meditation Group”. The group continues to practice until today. The free online offer includes:

  • Daily Mantra Meditation for Protection Circles and Inner Peace
  • Spiritual Practices such as Arathi, Abishek
  • Regular LIVE Bhajans Online via Zoom Call
  • Story-Telling-Evening – Inspiring Exchange of Experiences with Sri Kaleshwar and Sacred Knowledge.
  • Puja-Talks mit Tatyanna – monthly inspiration through the puja talks on newmoon and fullmoon

For all participants of the Soul Protection Meditation Group, an online database with various contributions (meditation instructions, videos, pictures …) is available for practice at home.



Together for Peace – Fire Pujas & more …

  • More than 100 Fire Pujas in den Centers DE-Einhausen, DE-Alerheim und CZ-Brünn
  • More than 150 Full & New Moon Fire Pujas for Peace & Healing in the Pujari Circle HIER
  • Homa Night from sunset to sunrise in DE-Einhausen, DE-Alerheim und CZ-Brno

Sri Chakra Healing Circle

The Sri Chakra Healing Circle HERE for the new and full moons has been well received. The offering is free, and the circle works on a voluntary basis:

  • 19 Volunteer Healers are involved in the Circle
  • Numerous Healing Seekers turn to the Healing Circle



  • Over 9000 meals for the needy in CZ-Brno and CZ-Vlhká
  • Rescue (collection) of over 9 tons of food for Baba’s table in CZ-Brno
  • Every other week: cooking or sandwich seva for the needy in DE-Bensheim
  • Winter packages Christmas campaign for the homeless in CZ-Brno and DE-Einhausen
  • Further actions by the Kaleshwar groups such as singing in nursing homes, in coma wards, cooking for the needy, etc.

Kaleshwara Yoga Centers & Regional Groups

Our Kaleshwara Yoga Centers are the home of the “Soul University” – all courses offered here are led by trained Kaleshwara Yoga teachers.

Kaleshwara Yoga Center Einhausen, Germany

The Kaleshwara Yoga Center Einhausen has existed since 2012 and is constantly expanding. Sri Kaleshwar visited the place several times and blessed it with his energy. Pujas take place regularly in Swami’s House and the Puja Garden. A Baba Murti blessed by Sri Kaleshwar for energy work in Europe stands in the meditation room in Swami’s house. We call the house “Swami’s House” because Sri Kaleshwar visited and stayed here several times. It also houses a healing room for individual sessions as well as the Dharma Shop office and shipping point. In August 2022, a life-size Baba statue – Prema Sai – found a home in the Puja Garden.

  • Further development & maintenance Kaleshwara Yoga Center Einhausen with Puja garden and Swami’s house, Germany
  • Installation of a life-size Baba-Murti – Prema Sai: This year the foundation for a stage for Baba was laid and a temporary meditation platform was installed. More information about Prema Sai and the project HERE
  • Soul University Courses & Satsang
  • Monthly New and Full Moon Fire Pujas for peace and healing
  • Regular bhajan evenings HERE
  • Regular meditation evenings with Abishek HERE
  • Charities: Baba’s Table for 50 homeless people – twice a month – in Bensheim.

Kalender Center Einhausen HIER

Community-Chat for Infos & Events: JOIN HERE

Kaleshwara Yoga Center Alerheim, Germany

The Kaleshwara Yoga Center Alerheim has been under construction since 2022. A seminar room, a puja room, a healing room and a puja place in nature offer space for courses and energy work.

  • Development & Maintenance Kaleshwara Yoga Center Alerheim with Sai Shakti Healing Room, Puja Room, Seminar Room & Dhuni
  • Seminar Room: The seminar room was extensively renovated and newly equipped in the spring.
  • Shiva Lingam Abisheks: Regular energy work with a powerful Shivalingam, for which the group has created a Yoni itself.
  • Monthly new and full moon fire pujas for peace and healing
  • Soul University Courses & Satsang
  • Regular bhajan evenings HERE
  • Monthly meditation & healing evening
  • Charities: Sandwich-Seva in Augsburg over the winter

Kalender Center Alerheim HIER

Community-Chat for up to date Info & Events: JOIN HERE

Kaleshwara Yoga Center & Shirdi Baba Temple in Brno, Czech Republic

The Kaleshwara Yoga Center Brno has been under construction since 2012. The local sangha takes care of a Baba Murti blessed by Sri Kaleshwar for Brno – an object of power that blesses everyone who visits the center.

  • Development & Maintenance City Center Brno, Czech Republic
  • Monthly new and full moon fire pujas for peace and healing
  • Soul University Courses & Satsang
  • Sai Shakti Healing Practise Group – Practicing the Five Elements healing techniques and others
  • Teambuilding – Yearly Workshop with the Center Core Team
  • Regular Abishek Meditation
  • Charities: Weekly Baba’s Table for over 160 homeless people

Shirdi Baba Temple Altstaetten, Switzerland

The Baba Temple has been under construction since 2022. The local sangha takes care of a baba murti – a power object that blesses everyone who visits the temple.

  • Baba Seva: The Kaleshwara Yoga Community takes care of a medium size Baba Statue
  • Baba Temple: Creation of a stage and altar space, renovation of the temple for visitors
  • Daily Baba Arathi & Opportunity to meditate with Baba
  • Weekly Baba Abishek with the local community
  • Monthly Maha Baba Abishek & Bhajans with the local community
  • Monthly New and Full Moon Fire Pujas for peace and healing
  • Soul University Courses & Satsang
  • Soul Time: Time out in the nature of the Swiss mountains

Community-Chat for up to date Info & Events: HIER BEITRETEN

Kaleshwara Yoga Kaliningrad, Russia

  • Weekly Soul University Zoom-Satsang with Helen
  • Online Courses on Shivaratri, Guru Purnima, Navaratri
  • Sporadically Fire Ceremonies for peace and healing
  • One to two times a year: Live-Events with Helen for Sai Shakti Healing Training

Kaleshwar Group Neubrandenburg, Germany

  • Monthly New and Full Moon Fire Pujas for peace and healing
  • Guru Purnima: Community Celebration in Nature & Fire Puja
  • Charities: Bhajans in hospice and coma ward, Christmas charity events

Preview 2023

The path is created as we walk. The more experiences we have since Sri Kaleshwar left his body, the more trust we have in his spiritual guidance.

When he gave us the task of continuing his mission in Europe, we felt “slightly” overwhelmed by all the facets of this enormous task, and we quickly had concrete ideas about what it should look like. For example, one of his requests was to create a large center where we would all live and work together. A powerful place where people from near and far can come and practice.

Our desire and focus for such a center is still there, and at the same time, we can observe that Swami’s mission is already unfolding powerfully even without such a large center. We can see more clearly and accept that a great center will arise as soon as it is necessary for the success of Swami’s mission, and not because we want it.

What is Swami’s Mission? One of Swami’s great concerns was that people receive the knowledge from the Palm Leaf Books and correct guidance on how to heal themselves from heartbreaks and trauma; to grow spiritually; to experience the truth about themselves; and to become free. It is part of Swami’s mission to bring the reality of the Divine Mother back into the consciousness of humanity, so that balance can be restored on the planet.

People who courageously follow this path create the spaces they need for themselves and for regional communities to emerge. They network, exchange ideas with each other and help each other. We are all connected under the Kaleshwara Yoga umbrella.

We would like to thank everyone involved for their commitment, for getting involved and for working together to ensure that Swami’s mission stays alive. What we experienced with Swami in Penukonda was only possible because we all worked together. The fact that this spirit can still be felt makes us very happy.

Our focus in 2024 will continue to be on supporting all those who want to create such sacred spaces in which knowledge can be received and practiced.

In the coming year we will also take further important steps in developing the curriculum of the KALESHWARA YOGA SOUL UNIVERSITY and work to make KALESHWARA YOGA known to the world. We will continue to put energy and time into the diverse translation projects, doing our best to live up to Sri Kaleshwar’s high standards.

On behalf of the entire team, we would like to thank all participants in the courses, and all those who have supported the mission – whether through donations of money or time. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

THANK YOU for your trust. It means so much to us.

Tatyanna and Tobias,
for the entire Kaleshwar Yoga team

See You in 2024


We don’t know what’s going to happen tomorrow. We really don’t know. Die for the truth. Stand for the truth. The ultimate final goal, we’re here. When we really surrender to the four principles – satya, dharma, shanti, prema – there’s no compromise. Never, ever compromise. That’s why Shirdi Baba always says, “Satya, Dharma, Shanti, Prema.”

Sri Kaleshwar