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Soul Protection Group Meditation

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Soul Protection

Group Meditation for Positive Energy and Protection Circles

Daily at 8.30 p.m.

Though a lot of craziness is around you, you are like a lotus leaf. You know the lotus leaf? Even though it is in the water – the water never touches the leaf.

You have to make your life like lotus leaf. The lotus is always staying in the water, in the mud, but water never touches the leaf. Ignore things. Take only the positive things and release out the negative things.

Be like a lotus leaf sitting, pulling in high vibrations of peace. This type of channel of peace – every person should increase it. It’s very important to pull high divine powers to yourself.

Sri Kaleshwar

Current world events make it clear to us how fragile our outer world is. This can create uncertainty, helplessness and fears within us. Society and worldly life are being put to the test, and many are asking themselves whether we should fundamentally rethink the way we live together.

The tools of the Rishis are now all the more important. They have the ability to give us strength, confidence and courage. By practicing these channels, we can regain focus and clarity within us. This can bring us calmness and serenity to help us master this crisis and take it as an opportunity to change our lives - personally and societally, in a positive way.

You are cordially invited to connect with us in meditation every day!
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What we are doing

  • Daily Mantra Meditation for Protection Circles and Inner Peace
  • Weekly LIVE Online Bhajan Singing (Healing Music) via Zoom-Call

What you will find in the Blog

  • Supportive Audio Files and Pictures for your Altar
  • Meditation Guidelines
  • Dial-In-Information for Online-Bhajans

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