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Holy Womb Chakra Process

The Holy Womb Chakra – Center of Divine Power and Creation

One Year Intensive (Online-Course)

Teaching, Sadhana, Initiation

On the planet, the womb is the most beautiful temple, the most holy place in your body, the most high energy place in your body, the most clarity place in your body. Make that place holy.

Sri Kaleshwar

The Holy Womb Chakra – Center of Divine Love, Power & Creation

We will meet for the first time in English, online, as a women’s group – to together charge the holy womb chakra at this important time.

The entire Creation is within each of us. We can access the energy of Mother Divine, the source of all life and Creation itself, through the holy womb.

We will purify and charge the Holy Womb Chakra within us to help create peace and beauty in ourselves, bring healing to the world around us, and to access the highest miracle energy of the Divine.

Holy Womb Chakra Process

The womb chakra is the energy center inside the human body that primarily influences and controls life. From this place you create your world – consciously or unconsciously. The womb chakra records all of your experiences – all of your actions and reactions. The essence of it determines your life.

Your womb is the gateway to supreme stillness, crystal clear awareness and unconditional love.

When you gain awareness of the (creative) energy hidden in your womb chakra, when you purify it and empower it, you can become the conscious creator of your life. You bless yourself and others.

If your womb chakra is clear and pure, then it is a source of strength and creativity – it radiates the joy of living.


How to Purify and Strengthen the Womb Chakra?

Sri Kaleshwar has released a meditation process through which you can purify and empower your womb, with the ancient spiritual technologies of yantra and mantra.

The womb chakra initiation process includes various mantra meditation processes on the following topics:

  • Your spiritual development
  • Happy and Healthy relationships
  • Happy and Healthy pregnancy & children

Benefits of the Holy Womb Chakra Process

Whatever you’re suffering with, you will get back your strength. The most peaceful, quiet and protected place in existence is a mother’s womb. There, there are no illusions, no negative vibrations – there is only divine bliss. Once you are in the mother’s womb, there is nothing but bliss there. You know everything. The entire span of your soul, where you are coming from and where you’re going – in the space of the womb, you know all that is.

Sri Kaleshwar

By Activating and Clarifying the Womb Chakra You Can…

  • gain Consciousness about your Womb Chakra – center of creation, of love and of power.
  • purify and strengthen your Womb Chakra – transform Karma.
  • … increase your ability to love as well as your energetic power lassen.
  • … transform your Kama (sexual) energy to so that it can be strengthend and used in a divine and healthy way.
  • … deepen your understanding of union energy - the energy generated between partners.
  • … helps you to dissolve and avoid disturbances heartbreak
  • … release fear and establish inner peace (particularly due to relationship problems).
  • help bring happiness and peace into your love life and live a healthy and happy relationship
  • … give birth to a happy, healthy and spiritually evolved child.
  • … support children, and your family in their lives by using the Womb Chakra Yantra.
  • … develop your natural healing abilities.

In this Course You Will…

  • … learn about the deeper mechanisms of the Womb Chakra and how they affect you, your life and those around you.
  • … learn mantras, to purify and strengthen your Womb Chakra.
  • … learn to draw the Womb Chakra Yantra and use it in your spiritual practice.
  • … learn techniques, to create deep peace within yourself.
  • … gain knowledge on how to create a healthy and happy relationship and bring love and peace into your family life.
  • … learn how a mother can transfer high energies to her unborn child, so that child comes as a powerful and healthy soul on the planet.


  • Holy Womb Chakra – The spark of Creation within you
  • The Womb Chakra as the mirror of your actions
  • Union Energy – Kama, Karma and Kala
  • Kama – using (creative, sexual) energy in a healthy way
  • Healing Heartbreak
  • Understanding and utilizing the energy mechanisms in relationships
  • Mother Divine and Womb Energy
  • Your mother as a bridge to Mother Divine
  • Making your Womb Chakra a holy place
  • Soul Mates – a connection beyond time and space
  • The Siddhis (divine powers) and creation
  • Brahma Consciousness – Consciousness of Creation
  • Stitha Pregnata Ananda – Developing equanimity and bliss

Sadhana (spiritual practise):

  • Intensive Sadhana – Mantra (ancient formulas of sound) and Yantra (sacred geometry) Meditations
  • Initiation and direct experience with the Womb Chakra Mantras
  • Learning and practicing the Womb Chakra Yantra
  • Create your own personal power object (Womb Chakra Yantra on copper)
  • Group Meditation
  • Powerful Energy Processes – Remote participation in Fire Ceremonies each new and full moon during the one year of the course time
  • Regular Exchange of experiences and Satsang via Zoom-Conferences

Holy Womb Chakra Meditation Process Intensive – 12 months


The womb chakra meditation process is initiated and accompanied within a sadhana group over a period of one year.

Experienced Guidance
We recommend learning this comprehensive knowledge from an experienced teacher in the tradition of Sri Kaleshwar. The energy transmission (shaktipat) from teacher to student and the accompaniment during the meditation process is extremely valuable for the success of the process.

Benefits of this course structure
Both the professional process guidance by the experienced teacher and the group meditation create a powerful energy field that supports and carries each participant in their process. The group energy and the mutual exchange generate a protected space for each soul to heal and grow.

The Program includes

  • Initiations
  • Spiritual process guidance
  • 12 Months of sadhana, delving in to the knowledge and process support
  • 8 Zoom-Calls – initiation and knowledge intensives
  • 18 One-on-One (remote) energy transmissions – during our fire ceremonies on the new and full moons
  • Study materials, accessible online and downloadable
  • Protected course blog and online forum for group discussions & sharing between the calls

Womb Chakra – One Year Intensive

First ONLINE Holy Womb Chakra Process Women’s Group

with Tatyanna

Start January 25nd, 2023
Teaching Language English
Zoom-Meetings Schedule

  • FREE Info Evening: January 22th, 2023 - 8 PM (M.E.T.)
  • Session 1 Introduction & Earth Element Initiation: January 25th, 2023 - 8 PM (M.E.T.)
  • Session 2: March 8th, 2023 – 8 PM (M.E.T.)
  • Session 3: April 26th, 2023 – 8 PM (M.E.T.)
  • Session 4: June 14th, 2023 – 8 PM (M.E.T.)
  • Session 5: July 19th, 2023 – 8 PM (M.E.T.)
  • Session 6: Sept 6th, 2023 – 8 PM (M.E.T.)
  • Session 7: Nov 1st, 2023 – 8 PM (M.E.T.)
  • Session 8: Jan 17th, 2024 – 8 PM (M.E.T.)

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We are happy to offer this intensive program on-site at your location. If you are interested, contact us at for more information.


The spiritual exercises presented in the courses of Kaleshwar Yoga (Kaleshwar e.V.) are not a substitute for a visit to a doctor, naturopath, psychologist or psychotherapist, or for obtaining a diagnosis for an ailment. Instructors and persons involved assume no liability for damage that occurs in connection with the application of the methods and exercises described in the courses.

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Thank you! We look forward to getting to know you and being on this journey together!