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Full Moon Fire Pujas - Remote

Full Moon Sacred Fire Puja – Remote Participation

A Fire Puja fulfills all desires. It works automatically to send the person the highest positive energy. It can go anywhere.

Sri Kaleshwar

Remote Participation

Regular participation in fire pujas helps you to clear, build up and protect your energy field. Sacred Homa is truly one of the most effective tools on the spiritual path and energetically offers a valuable framework to send Sankalpams (intentions) powerfully into creation and to ask for their fulfillment.

For all those in whose local area no fire pujas are being hold, we offer this possibility of remote participation.

Fire Pujas are helping us in many ways …

  • They help to decharge negative energy.
  • They create powerful energetic protection circles.
  • They bring healing for body, mind and soul.
  • They help to create spiritual and material abundance zu erschaffen.
  • They can bring relief from stress and heartbreak.
  • They remove obstacles and problems.
  • They heal the heart and fulfill heart’s desires.
  • They provide energy for your soul growth.
  • They purify the atmosphere.

You will receive an energy transmission and a coconut will be broken for you.

You will then receive a Raksha Bandhana (protective tape) and Homa Raksha of the puja to further support your personal process.

One fire puja, one fire ceremony, when you are present, when your heart is open there, then the energy starts to flow in you. Its almost equal to a thousand healers, the most powerful healers giving energy to you.

Sri Kaleshwar

What You Will Receive

  • Information on how you can prepare to receive the energy most powerfully
  • Remote energy transmission on full moon
  • A coconut will be broken for you
  • After the Puja a Raksha Bandhana (protection string) and Homa Raksha for protection and support of your spiritual process will be sent to you.

Direkt zur Registrierung

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Please scroll manually down to the end of this page for registration.

FAQ & Glossar

Full Moon Puja Calendar 2024

Full Moon Puja Calendar 2024:
Saturday Feb 24th, 10 am MET
Sunday March 3rd – 10 am MET
Tuesday April 23rd – 6 pm MET
Thursday, May 23rd – 6 pm MET
Friday, June 21st – 9 pm MET (Homa until sunrise)
Monday, August 19th – 6 pm MET
Tuesday, September 17th – 6 pm MET
Thursday, October 17th – 2 pm MET
Friday, November 15th – 2 pm MET Kartika Purnima
Sunday, December 15th – 10 am MET
Monday, December 30th – 2 pm MET

What is a Fire Puja?

Puja is worship. Puja is an expression of gratitude for everything that you are blessed with every day.

The ritual of the Fire Puja has its origins in the Vedic period, which dates back more than 4000 years. In India, people have used the power of fire since ancient times – for thousands of years. The elements and forces of nature are worshiped as deities: heaven, earth, fire, water, light, wind, sun, moon and dawn … The flame is the symbol of the Light of God.

By reciting special mantras, the fire, God and the Divine Mother in the fire, is worshiped, sanctified and called for help. The pujaris send a person’s problems or specific concerns into the fire so that they can burn and transform. Wishes are also given to the fire so that they can manifest themselves.

When a group of people celebrate a Puja together, a sacred space is created that lifts and nourishes each individual. The fire transforms us – well-trodden paths can be left, the view clears for the new. Peace moves into the heart, the soul is strengthened.

  • Fire Puja in your area HERE

What about the Coconut?

The inside of the coconut is as pure as the womb, like a vacuum – protected from any Illusion. Charging a coconut with a sankalpam (an intention) and then “breaking” the coconut gives the sankalpam the power to unfold effectively as a pure impulse of creation. The cracking of the coconut is a sacred moment in which the sankalpam – the heart’s desire – is given into creation.

Sri Kaleshwar on coconuts:

“The 6th element is the coconut. The whole universe is hidden in the coconut, even more than a human being. The coconut has three ‘eyes’, like a human being. The coconut is Brahma Consciousness. Shiva is carrying a skull – that is equal to the coconut shell. The coconut is more powerful than the womb chakra. Unbelievable mechanisms are running in the coconut. You can win everything through a coconut. You can give enlightenment through the coconut. If you find any black dot in coconut, I will give my thumb. The saptarishis got the information about coconuts and wrote it on the palm leaves. Jesus used it too. Maha Saraswati is in the coconut. It’s easy to win Her with the coconut. You can have darshan with Her and She can teach you directly.”

What is a Raksha Bandhana?

“Nowadays it’s very important to use Protection Strings for yourself and before starting any healings or working with the public in any way. On the outside, people seem to be happy, but inside they are not. In their feelings, their heart, they are sad, jealous, or uncomfortable. When they are thin- king about a person with that type of energy, it’s automatically flowing on that person. Whenever I am fighting the negativity, that string’s tie is completely protecting me. Whatever negativity is coming, it’s going in this thread. You can also use this raksha bandhana for protection before giving healings, or for any difficult situation, like talking in front of many people, or taking an examination.” – Sri Kaleshwar

More information about your Raksha Bandhana will be sent to you after the puja.

What is Homa Raksha?

Homa Raksha means “source of protection”. At the end of the fire ceremony, a mixture of hot coconut ash and ghee (clarified butter) is made. This paste carries the energy of the puja.

More information on how to use Homa Raksha will be sent to you after the puja.

Puja Garden Einhausen

Our Dhuni is situated in our Puja Garden on a natural plot of land outside of Einhausen. The garden was developed during the Navaratri Festival in 2016 and is a place of silence and peace. We regularly hold powerful fire ceremonies on New and Full Moon in our large indian dhuni.

Voices of Participants

“I would like to express a very, very deep thank you, because since last year I have felt very, very protected by your energy and the protective strings. I am shaken a lot and yet I feel very, very well protected and safe and in the “everything will be fine” mode! Thank you, thank you.” I.M., Germany

“Thank you very much for the wonderful long-distance broadcasts – I just want to say. So nice when I can’t take part myself … Thank you, thank you, thank you!” A.E., Germany

“Thank you very much for your wonderful fire puja – I wanted to tell you that I woke up today in such a powerful and peaceful state full of confidence, as I have not for a long time … With all my heart I send you loving greetings from Innsbruck!” J.R., Austria

More Feedback…

“Last time I found the energy transfer to be extremely powerful. In my meditation I was in a somewhat deeper slumped state when this enormous energy suddenly arrived. I’ve never noticed it so clearly before. Thank you – that was amazing and beautiful.” H.B., Germany

“The energy yesterday reached me very noticeably and powerfully, and this morning I woke up full of strength, good humor and confidence. I also feel the protection around me and my apartment, like a circle of positive energy around me impermeable to negative energy. Many thanks and warm greetings to you!” MF, Germany

“The fire puja and energy transfer was so nourishing for us all. For me everyone in the family feels a bit clearer, more relaxed and free. As if the tendency to identify with the thoughts and “problems” had decreased a bit. Thank you!” B.S., Austria


One-Time Particpiation

  • 18,- €

Coconut Flatrate – 6 Months

  • 108,- € (monthly 18,- €)

Each Puja Includes:

  • Long distance energy transmission and coconut on Full Moon
  • (monthly) mailing with Raksha Bandhana und Homa Raksha

You’ll receive detailed information after registration.

Payment & Cancellation

Payment modalities

  • After a successful registration (see under registration) you will receive an email with the payment modalities. The booking is binding upon receipt of the dakshina or the first installment.

  • If, due to your personal circumstances (e.g. because you are a single parent or unemployed), it is not possible for you to compensate, but you would like to participate, please contact us via . We always find a solution together.


  • Cancellations can only be made in writing to For the timeliness it depends on the receipt of the cancellation by Kaleshwar e.V.
  • If you cancel your participation up to four weeks before the start of the course, we will charge a cancellation fee of 50% of the course price.
  • If you cancel up to two weeks before the start of the course, a cancellation fee of 75% of the course price will be charged.
  • If you cancel less than two weeks before the start of the course, the full course fee will apply.
  • If you have found another person for your registration in the course of your cancellation, no cancellation fees will be charged. Participation in the entire course is a prerequisite for the cancellation fee waiver. We ask for your understanding that no new participants will be registered during the course due to mindfulness for the group process.

Please contact us at if you do not receive an email after registration or if you have questions about registration.

Installment & Reduction

Installment & Reduction

If you are currently unable to provide compensation due to your personal circumstances (e.g. because you are a single parent or unemployed), but you would like to join in, please contact us via We always find a solution together.

What is Dakshina?

Dakshina is the sanskrit term that describes the compensation for a spiritual blessing or spiritual knowledge. Although spiritual knowledge in its essence is priceless, dakshina expresses appreciation, respect and gratitude and also has a karmic effect. It creates an energetic balance.

Incoming dakshina is used 100% for charitable purposes – in accordance with Sri Kaleshwar’s wish and mandate to us to prepare the valuable knowledge from the palm leaf books that he released during his life as well as his wisdom teachings and to make it available in it’s essence and purity to as many people as possible. We also implement humanitarian projects and create Regional Centers where energy can be experienced and learned and comes to life.



The spiritual exercises and awareness techniques presented in the courses of Kaleshwar e.V. and the use of Kaleshwara Vaastu are not a substitute for a diagnosis or a visit to a doctor, alternative practitioner, psychologist or psychotherapist. Course instructors and persons involved assume no liability for damages that occur in connection with the use of the methods and exercises described in the courses.

Important Note! In the event of physical or mental illness, participation may only take place in consultation with the attending physician. Consulting a doctor is particularly necessary if currently taking psychoactive substances or psychological disorders harmful to oneself or others are present or have existed in the past. With your registration you confirm that you have taken heed of this notice.


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