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Mother Divine & the Role of Women in Spirituality

The inner power that moves creation.

In each person there is a fire, a light. See that light. She is that. She’s infinite. But you’re also a part of that infinity. Mother Divine is Mother to every soul in this universe. She doesn’t belong to any religion at all. My deeper aim is to send everyone to Mother.

Sri Kaleshwar

All ancient traditions honor and worship the Holy Mother. All of creation comes from her womb. She is the Divine Feminine and the Mother of all beings in all worlds. We all come from Mother Divine. She is the mystery from where we were born and to where we one day return.

An important part of the teachings of Sri Kaleshwar is the knowledge of the “Womb Chakra” as the center of spiritual power, as well as the role of woman as mother, healer and teacher in this tradition. Sri Kaleshwar made it possible for many students to have a direct experience with the feminine aspect of God – Mother Divine. When we begin to give more space for the Feminine in ourselves, the qualities of the feminine become more and more the central quality of all our activities, qualities such as – true love, intuition, tenderness, listening, caring, compassion, communication, harmony with the rhythm of natural cycles, inclusivness, and cooperation. These qualities are expressed equally in both men and women, though they are attributed as the feminine aspects of nature.

When we turn toward Mother Divine, a sacred space is created in which we can more and more recognize who we truly are. It is about balancing the male and female qualities in each of us. Then the world will change.

Sri Kaleshwar about Mother Divine

Nature is Mother Divine.

In the Indian spiritual tradition they say that Mother Divine is the nature. She’s the force behind the elements. The five elements – earth, fire, sky, water and air – are the five pillars of Creation. In nature you can see very beautiful flowers and beautiful lakes. It is gorgeous.

This same nature brings huge earthquakes, floods, many disasters. Mother Divine’s nature is like that. She is a woman of huge love, always helpful nature, a loving nature. At the same time she is also a woman of huge anger. One part is positive. One part is negative. Whenever she gets angry – in the nature, SHE creates crazy disasters, SHE creates the fear.

It is a kind of a little warning for the remaining humans, the remaining creation: “Try to understand. Life is mortal. We are like a leaf on the tree. We are not permanent leaves. Before falling off, try to know the reality. Enjoy the real bliss. Try to create happiness around you. Try to be happy yourself. She’s giving a little warning. „Wake up.“ Once people start to awaken, coming to knowing HER, then she will calm down. Once She starts to calm down, here you go – anything, whatever you want, you can receive it from Her.

The Mother is a clear nectar. By the grace of the Mother everybody will enjoy the fragrance of Her true love. She’ll do it. But you have to win Her heart. She’s unbelievable loving. She’s unbelievably loving 99.9999%. Caring, sharing, loving. True love. You surrender. You respect Her. Yes. She knows how to take care of you.

Mother Divine is the Light in You.

In each person there is a fire, a light. See that light. She is that. She’s infinite. But you’re also a part of that infinity. Mother Divine is Mother to every soul in this universe. She doesn’t belong to any religion at all. My deeper aim is to send everyone to Mother.

From now on, research who you are - where you came from, where you are going, what is this drama? How far do you need to play this drama? How long do you need to play with this drama? Ask Mother nature. Go in the nature, sit, scream, ask.

You need to make a promise in your heart, to yourself, to your soul, to very, very clearly understand the Reality and the Truth. Then the Divinity is a beautiful slave to you. Until you understand the real cosmic energy where you came from, you have to go through. You have to change your rental houses, your body. You have to go through. It’s not easy to know it like that, immediately; it takes some time. But you should really start to think about it.

Mother Divine is Mother to each Soul in the Universe.

The whole universe is your mother. The whole creation is your mother. That mother created your mother, that mother created you. Your mother is a bridge between the nature and to you. We all came from the Mother. We all came from the female character. Your whole link is somewhere with the female. Even God wants to come on this planet he has to choose a lady, he has to go in through a mother’s womb. In our mother’s womb, when our body is manifesting, from 101 to 120 days, llife comes into the body. It means the soul – that energy – comes into the body at that time. When the heartbeat starts in the mother’s womb, the soul energy comes in. The soul means a light, a flame. Your soul is nothing but light and vibration, and is totally linked to the heart. Different traditions say different things, but every soul energy is clearly nothing but a light. It’s like a candle flame, or like a small star dazzling in the heart. The soul is unbelievably sensitive living in you as a spark. If you really know and practice the ancient knowledge from the palm leaf books to give the right vibrations to awaken that spark in you, there are no more illusions, no more depression and heart break. Once you have the real clarity consciousness you can do amazing wonders on the planet, you can change the desert to green. Everything is possible. Everything is in you.

A person who really got full enlightenment, or any big soul, like a holy person, it means their soul capacity, their flame light is huge. It’s like being equal to a two hundred, one thousand, five thousand watt bulb. How they charge that bulb means nothing but they’re sucking the highest energy, and sharing huge love. Many avatars, many saints- our mission is one, to create peace and love, to bring the knowledge. To make a bridge between the West and the East. We are one. All human beings are one. It doesn’t matter if you are born in different countries, different cities, different villages… whatever your religion, whatever your belief system – we are all one. Our religion is humanity. We are one religion only – that is pure love along with the five elements, the creation religion. You don’t need to worship me. You don’t need to worship anybody. Try to worship the Reality. That’s my strongest mission.

My deeper aim is to send everyone to Mother.

My deeper aim is to send everyone to Mother. The one goal is to connect to Mother Divine, to have the desire to hook Her. Once you enter into your Mother’s home, she will take care of you and give you what you really want. Then you can demand whatever delicious food you want to eat from Her. If She has the patience, She’ll cook it for you; otherwise She will cook you. Just enter the house then She will take care.

To see Mother Divine, your eyes have to be open. One hundred percent you have to see Her with your physical eyes. That’s most important. If you’re not seeing Her with your physical eyes, you’re self-hypnotized. I don’t agree with that. I’m not that kind of teacher in your life. ‘Swami, I’m meditating, I’m seeing beautiful visions.’ That’s good, it’s fine, it’s okay, but I’m not talking about seeing Mother Divine as a vision. You have to see Her with your two eyes open.

There is one golden statement for every person in the universe. If you’re born as a human body, even though you’re connecting to a lot of (supernatural) things, advice from a Master, but if you’ve seen Mother Divine then you’ve reached the top rank. From there, to develop your abilities it’s in your hands. Even though you’re developing your abilities, there isn’t a 100% guarantee that Mother Divine leaves you, “Okay, do whatever you want.” She will hold you. Why She holds means – after She’s holding and holding, then if She drops you your life is like a beautiful message on this planet. 100%.

The maharishis are still researching, to understand Her greatness. It’s like counting the stars. They’re doing it. They’re dividing the whole sky and just counting, counting, counting. It’s like a big hobby. I’m serious. Partly, it’s a great hobby; that’s why they’re doing it! They’re enjoying it. Instead of merging, they’re just like, “Let’s play. Let’s count.”

(Once you’ve seen Mahakali) you can command, you can wash out anyone’s negativity and you can heal any person in the universe. Her energy is the peak top point, the top system in the universe. If you hook Her, Her energy purifies you. When you’re walking in the garden even the air you breathe in and breathe out is purified. No more negative spirits come around there – to be honest, no chance at all. Especially with that vibration, that energy, no chance. That power is hidden there. The most creating form of Mother Divine is Mahakali.