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Sri Kaleshwars Mission in Europe

EU Web Portal

“It’s not me writing, several thousands of years back the cosmic principles and the laws how it really implements and it plays. It’s already written it. The same thing majority I taught you guys. But very short cut so far I taught you. But in your life, your mission, to bring the wisdom as it is to the planet, to the globe. As it is! Don’t put anybody’s masala.” – Sri Kaleshwar

To protect his name and the purity of his teachings Sri Kaleshwar founded the Kaleshwar Organization as an umbrella for spreading the ancient knowledge as taught by him in Europe. You will find a list of Kaleshwar teachers and teaching event information on the following country websites in their native languages.

Germany - Austria - Switzerland (GERMANN) [LINK]
Czech Republic (CZECH) [LINK]

Mission europe

Ancient Knowledge

The knowledge systems base on ancient palm leaf books, some of them even 7000 years old: meditation processes and techniques, sacred formulars to connect you with your soul and awake abilities.

“Spirituality means to know yourself - who you are and where you come from.”
Sri Kaleshwar


The ancient knowledge Sri Kaleshwar revealed is being taught by certified teachers in Europe. They teach and accompany you through your individual spiritual processes so you can connect with the purity of your soul and empower you to be who you really are.

Find a teacher here…


Sri Kaleshwar trained many healers who can support you in your individual healing process.

Find a healer here…

“Healing is beyond the belief system. Even if you have a strong belief, you need to break that belief, go beyond it. Then it’s called real healing.”
Sri Kaleshwar

Love in Action

Inspired by the humanitarian works of our Master Sri Kaleshwar we continue this work now in Europe to help our local communities and society here.

“Help ever. Hurt never.”
Sri Kaleshwar

Remembering Sri Kaleshwar

Impressions of his life

Enjoy this beautiful slideshow with pictures of Sri Kaleshwars life.

This video gives an impression about Sri Kaleshwars Mission and his early teachings.

Tribute video 190x105


“Wherever you are, wherever you go - I will be there. Trust me, I am your shadow. I know how to take care and protect. I will protect you for ever and ever.”
– Sri Kaleshwar


This film shows impressions of Sri Kaleshwars early years, his work with the students and pictures of his Ashram in Penukonda.