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Ancient Knowledge That Changes the World

Ancient Knowledge that Changes the World.

As a strong healers as much as you created it through the knowledge. That’s only I need for Guru Dakshina. After me, next you need to take care. Then next, create it, create it. Beginning it might be one seed. Once it’s blooming tons of fruits, that fruits again making it. It covers it. Pure Consciousness Yuga I’m looking forward. Pure? Consciousness Yuga. That’s it. Good luck.

Sri Kaleshwar

Sri Kaleshwar’s mission and aim was to introduce a new level of spirituality to humanity – a spirituality that creates happiness and connectedness in every person’s heart, that empowers every person to embody their individual beauty and that breaks through limitating belief systems. This was Sri Kaleshwar’s dharma, his duty and life purpose. Everything he did, served to fullfill this promise. The moment he took Mahasamadhi on March 15th, 2012 he layed this dharma in the hands of his students.

Sri Kaleshwar left an abundance of knowledge that he wanted to be accessable to everyone who wants to dive into the amazing spectrum of consciousness a human being can experience. He emphasized throughout his life that every person should get access to this knowledge and that it is his dharma to bring the ancient knowledge of the great rishis of India into the modern world. These practises have been secretly protected many thousand years. It is pure knowledge of experience that now is given to the world so this new spirituality that Sri Kaleshwar was talking about so often can develop on the planet. Through the meditation practises deep transformation and healing processes are being initiated and the soul is being charged with high positive energy. The connectedness to nature grows and she herself becomes the mirror and master.

The knowledge Sri Kaleshwar taught enables the experience to know oneself and god. It is the experience of a journey through our inner blocks and illusions forward to a pure consciousness and pure creation force which we are a part of. It is the experience of joy about the expression our own soul that makes ourself and the people around us happy.

If you really know the palm leaf books, the ancient, indepth things, it really breaks the mind’s belief system. If you have the ability, automatically spirituality will come. It needs soul capacity. It needs shraddha (practice) and saburi (patience). If you have that target interest, if you have the spark interest, yes, you can change the desert to green. So, willpower is necessary. You can do it. You can do it. You can do it. You can do it. You can do it. Just feel, ‘Yes, I can do it, I can do it. I’ll try, I can do it.’ First time failure, fine. Second time failure, fine. Third time, fine. Keep doing it. That inspiration, if you have it, you are a success.

Sri Kaleshwar

It is helpful to do processes together with a group as the energy is mulitplying and a group is more stable towards inner and outer disturbances. This supports ones individual spiritual process immensly.

Who can you believe? You have to believe only in yourself. The real master is always living in you. You have to recognize that is the one truth. The real master is always living in you. The right person is in your heart, the inner judge. I am teaching the divine tradition. It isn’t limited to, or doesn’t belong to, any one religion. Religions are different, languages are different, but the language of the heart is the same. My language is the language of the heart. My symbol is pure love along with the simple five elements, the Creation religion. To be honest, I don’t belong to any religion. I belong to the religion of the truth. That’s it. One day you’ll recognize.

Sri Kaleshwar

Some of the Knowledge Systems taught by Sri Kaleshwar amongst others are:

  • Panchabhutas – The 5-Element-Process
  • Maha Panchabhutas – The Inner Elements
  • Sri Chakra
  • Paramashiva Yoga
  • The JC Channels
  • The Holy Womb Process
  • Datta Kriya Process
  • Surya & Chandra Nadi Processes
  • Kaleshwara Vaastu
  • Kaleshwar Bhajans

Satya, Dharma, Shanti, Prema

It was not Sri Kaleshwar’s desire to found a new religion. Like his master Shirdi Sai Baba he was standing for respecting the spiritual essence of all religions and to go beyond the limitations and outer belief systems. Implementing the knowledge is an active path, a process of awakening and becoming conscious to live true humanitarian values again. Its the path of Satya (truth), Dharma (right action), Shanti (peace) and Prema (love). Sri Kaleshwar taught to take full responsibility for ones own happiness and contribute to the happiness of others around us and to the culture and society we live in.

One day my students, their students, they will combine science and spirituality. It will give the new big revolution of true love concept.

Sri Kaleshwar