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Love in Action: Sri Chakra Healing Circle

Shakti & Prayers for People in Need

Helping each other is so, so important!

Sri Kaleshwar

A Circle of Female Healers

The Sri Chakra healing circle is there for you.
The Sri Chakra healing circle is a voluntary circle of spiritually practicing women in the lineage of Sri Kaleshwar. The circle works for people in acute emergencies – illness, separation, grief and other strokes of fate. It was founded during the Navaratri festival in October 2016. Since then, the healing circle has been sending distant healing to people in need on the new and full moon. Participation is free of charge.

What the Women are Doing

Love & Power.
In addition to the personal prayer for those seeking help, the women in the healing circle use remote healing techniques from the Sai Shakti healing methods as taught by Sri Kaleshwar to send healing energy. To do this, they need information from the person seeking help in order to be able to connect with them and “address” the energy.

How You Can Register Yourself or Others for the Healing Circle

Send an Email with the subject “Healing Circle” to
Your email must contain the following information:

  • Name of the person seeking help
  • Birthday of the person seeking help
  • Names of the parents of the person seeking help
  • The diagnosis or what it is about
  • A photo of the person seeking help, where you can look them in the eye

After two months, the information will automatically be removed from the healing list, unless a request to the contrary is received. It can be agreed that the help seeking person will be taken out of the healing circle earlier – e.g. if relief has already taken place.

We protect your privacy: All women active in the healing circle have committed themselves to confidentiality and the protection of the healing space. The data you send in will be treated confidentially and will only be shared within the circle of healers.

Our Request

  • Please obtain the consent of the person or authorized representative before registering third parties in the healing group.

  • The healing circle is happy about Updates, e.g. how recovery is progressing etc…
    Please send these updates to

Disclaimer of liability

Disclaimer of liability

The healing circle is not a substitute for a diagnosis or a visit to a doctor, alternative practitioner, psychologist or psychotherapist. Persons involved do not assume any liability for damage that occurs in connection with the methods used by the healing circle.

By submitting data, you confirm that you have followed this notice.