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Heartfull invitation to the Midnight Meditation on Christmas Eve! In the Silent and Holy Night, we will take time to connect to our masters, especially with Jesus and Mary. In the meditative silence we will feel their divine blessing.

Let us express our inner gratitude and say thanks to the important and loved people who are in our life and supporting us. And let us invite the divine protection and the guidance for which is ahead of us in 2015 - individually and as humanity. We can take this opportunity and together ask that peace be in the heart of everyone. Also, during the time until New Years Eve, we can use for an inner retreat and contemplation - to release old things, to find the right focus for our tasks in the new year.

“Silent Night” :: Christmas-Meditation

Opening & Closing Prayers [PDF-Download HERE]
Opening & Closing Prayers [PDF-Download HERE]

Guidelines for the midnight meditation on Christmas Eve.

  • On the 24th of December at midnight, light a candle and chant the opening prayers.
  • Meditate for one hour with the following mantra:

Personal Mantra
+ Kshiram Kshiram Amruta Kshiram Avaham

(If you don’t have a Personal Mantra from the list that Sri Kaleshwar gave out you can leave that out and meditate just with Sri Kaleshwar’s Personal Mantra)

  • At the end, take a few minutes and express your gratitude for your parents and all the people which are very close to you and who are with you and support you.
  • Chant the closing prayer.

If you don’t find time on Christmas Eve, you can choose another time during the two Christmas Days.


To access the audio recordings of the mantras please log in with your user account. If you don’t have one yet, you are invited to create a new one HERE.



We recite the opening prayers three times each before meditation.





Let’s cook & feed!

Let us stand for that and make a contribution on this day. A source of inspiration is always Baba’s Food Bank in Brno:

  • Watch the latest Picture Slideshow HERE
  • Learn about the Story of Baba’s Foodbank HERE

At Swami’s birthday we would like to connect with you in spirit and in action, and cook together for the homeless in the streets of our towns. We can make a soup - or other delicious foods like sandwiches, cakes, coffee, etc. - which we will charge with bhajans, mantras, and much love. Who else is inspired to realize this plan, alone or together in a group, at your location with like-minded people?


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