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“On this day only Shiva wakes up from his meditation and wants to merge with whomever really opens their hearts to him. He wants to merge with his students to lift them and connect to them more powerfully. Once he wakes up then we tell our prayers, our wishes. This is the time you really can hit it to receive what you want it.” Sri Kaleshwar

Sri Kaleshwar

Shivaratri day is on the 14th, Tithi, in the month of Phalguna- this means on Chaturdashi, one day before new moon at the end of Feb/beginning of March, according to the modern calendar. In Europe (Frankfurt) the exact new moon time is 09.02 am, after sun rise on March 1st. Traditionally the night leading into the Shivaratri day is “celebrated” with Shiva Bhajans, Pujas and Meditation. The extraordinary high Shiva energy is accessable throughout all three new moon days and very auspicious for powerful Shivaratri meditation processes.

You are invited to join the following group meditation on Friday night:


Friday night from midnight to 2 am

  • Take a shower or a bath before the meditation process and wear fresh clothes, if possible light in color.
  • Light a candle and incense (on your altar if you have one).
  • Start with the opening prayers.
  • Start your meditation with the Sky Mantra (Audio recording by Sri Kaleshwar, see below)
  • As soon as you feel the energy is ripe, think of what you want to let go and of your deepest soul and heart desires.Ask Shiva for blessing and healing.
  • Take your time on Saturday and Sunday to digest the energy in quietness and silence.

Download Sky Mantra Audio here


  • Be as much as you can in silence. “First, be in silence, very deep silence. Avoid too much talking. If you continue to talk, you’re losing your energy. Period.“ - Sri Kaleshwar
  • Maintain a special diksha on new and full moon. Sri Kaleshwar suggested to not exchange any body fluids within a period of 24 hours before and after the peak of the full or new moon (Sex, saliva, food etc.).
  • Please take care of your nutrition. Try to be vegetarian throughout the process time (at a minimum don’t eat pork.) Eat mostly sattvic (pure) food. Please follow this diksha especially on full and new moon.

*Rules supporting the meditation process
**Main new moon day (01.03.2014), one day before and one after.


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