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Goodbye Gustav!

How to Say Thank You by Eric & Veemala

Gustav is the best friend we’ve ever had. He was a brother. When Eric told his mother this, she took his hand, smiled proudly and replied, “Many people have told me that.”

He died on Christmas day, a full moon. With his death, we’re appreciating our friendship over the years as we never could before. The poet, Whyte, observes that over the years, a close friendship will always reveal the shadow in the other as much as ourselves. To remain friends we must know the other and their difficulties… and encourage the best in them… thus subtly discouraging what makes them smaller, less generous, less of themselves. We all gained so much from his open heart, his love, his music, through his friendship and teachings. What do we do in the face of this incalculable loss?

Beautiful memories of Gustav are constantly coming up in everyone we meet. Some of them we’d like to share with you as we try to take them as life lessons.

In the Ashram, Gustav was the one who many people went to when they needed a friend in difficult times. Even if he felt tired or exhausted he was still listening and always trying to help. A Gustav lesson is to take care of people. Gustav was acutely perceptive and sensitive to people’s needs. He could go right to the core of the issue that needed healing. This was part of his genius as a bhajan master. If he thought he could help, he tried quite fearlessly. With his lion heart, he’d spontaneously hug a stranger, a big smile on his face. He made an unforgettable impression on people he had never met before. He and Sabeena and friends started cooking meals for 55 low-income people without knowing where the money would come to pay his own rent.

Once we went for a walk, leaving the city to go to a forest near his home. We had walked a few hundred meters into the forest and Gustav stopped, breathed deeply and said: “Do you feel this? Now the real forest energy started. I love it! Pure nature. Herrlich.” Lesson 2: Enjoy the moment. Gustav was a master of recognizing and appreciating a moment together with a friend; happy or sad. With music, food, even sadhana, Gustav enjoyed the sublime even when suffering.

Gustav taught us to recognize how valuable a true friend is and to nourish that friendship every chance we get. Take care of the people you love, your family. Gustav talked straight but with compassion, never with any profit for his own ego. He treated us as members of his family. He helped people be the best version of themselves. That was his magic. This is a beautiful and a painful lesson right now. How many opportunities did we waste to take care of him as our dear friend? Did we give him enough love and the support he needed?

Say Thank You

Gustav’s beautiful family lost a wonderful father and a husband. Let’s make sure that they are at least financially supported for awhile. Here’s how we can say Thank You, Gustav, and support them to continue with their good works: growing the bhajans and spiritual teachings in the world. Please donate generously.

We wish you all a very happy, healthy, blessed New Year.

Eric and Veemala

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