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Teacher in the Lineage of Sri Kaleshwar


“Through the grace of Sri Kaleshwar I have been able to experience miracles – the reality of supernatural energy – that have pushed the boundaries of my common sense and awakened my soul. Swami’s teachings are undogmatic, deep and a rich source of inspiration to me. Through my Sadhana I have already been able to heal a lot of heart break, to dissolve emotional baggage and to have spiritual experiences. My gratitude for Swami’s presence in my life is deep and ever increasing. It is my wish that the integrity of the palm leaf information and meditations and the fragrance of the wisdom teachings – Swami’s own poetic way of speaking about universal truths – remain in their original for generations to come. May many people be inspired by him to practice for themselves, to activate their soul knowledge, to expand their consciousness and finally to become ‘free’ inside.” – Jenniver

Jenniver first met Sri Kaleshwar in January 2006 at the Beuerhof in Germany and since then has attended all of his programs in Germany, UK, Switzerland and India to receive initiation. For several years she worked with others to hold space for bhajans, meditation and puja in Kassel, Germany and organized numerous courses for senior teachers. As of 2009 she resided in Penukonda, India at Sri Kaleshwar’s personal invitation. There she continued her sadhana and studies under his direct guidance and attended the Soul University up to Sri Kaleshwar’s Mahasamadhi in 2012. She worked directly for Sri Kaleshwar in various teams of the Ashram Staff.

At Sri Kaleshwar’s ashram, Jenniver was able to gain experience leading sadhana groups. Back in Germany, she fulfills her Dharma within the legal framework of the organization established by Sri Kaleshwar for his mission in Europe. Since 2012 she has been assisting Tatyanna with her teachings, satsangs and retreats. Since 2017, Jenniver has also been passing on her knowledge and experience as part of the Kaleshwara Yoga Soul University. Jenniver gives Sai Shakti energy transmissions, shaktipat and spiritual counseling in one-on-one encounters. She performs energetic house clearings.

Spiritual Training

Jenniver practiced under the direct guidance of her master Sri Kaleshwar during his lifetime. At the same time, she studied with experienced senior teachers in this lineage in Germany and India and graduated from the Soul University in Penukonda, India. Jenniver was authorized by Sri Kaleshwar to practice Sai Shakti Healing, give lectures, give Satsang and guide meditations. In addition, he authorized her to teach and guide advanced knowledge systems and meditation processes.


Jenniver Maya Gebhardt
Sai Shakti Healing Practice
DE-86733 Alerheim, Germany
One-on-One sessions upon request


Ethical basis

The circle of Kaleshwara Yoga Teachers is committed to complying with these ethical guidelines: [Teacher Ethics]